Buying price ¥39 a ticket to Qingyuan Julongwan Natural Hot Spring Resort, health journey

Buying price ¥39 a ticket to Qingyuan Julongwan Natural Hot Spring Resort, health journey

Julongwan Natural Hot Spring Resort is located in the scenic Fogang Town of Qingyuan City. It is well-positioned, about 50 minutes from downtown Guangzhou and 40 minutes from Qingyuan Wuguang High-speed Railway Station.

The hot springs are taken from the underground hot springs, with 68 hot spring pools with different functions, as well as a wealth of recreational and recreational activities and professional outdoor development projects.

Easy to enjoy the joy of water world Julong Bay Happy Water World covers an area of about 80 acres, with family and children, ecological leisure as the theme, divided into three areas of interactive area, family area, high-speed area, let you feel the stimulation of the water world.

Water World introduces international professional large-scale water amusement equipment, unique “water bottom family portrait”, “ice bucket guess emperor”, “family car cannon”, “speak down, jump and jump board” and other must-play games, bring you water entertainmentExperience.

The interactive area has a variety of new and interesting water games, such as competition pool, ice bucket challenge, suitable for friends, friends and family to play together; family area has “3D pirate circulation river”, “underwater family portrait”, “family big slide”, “Children’s Water Village is suitable for playing games with small babies; if you feel that you are bold, you can come to the high-speed zone. The exciting rides such as “Crossing the Sky Ladder”, “Vertical Speed Ladder”, “Skateboarding Surf” are waiting for you.
Southeast Asia Village Style Hot Springs Awards An open-air hot spring area with a Southeast Asian garden style. There are more than 60 hot spring pools with different characteristics scattered throughout the greenery.

The hot spring water in Julong Bay is taken from Tangtang Hot Spring and separated from the hot springs, which effectively protects the quality and quantity of hot springs.

Tangtang Hot Spring belongs to the world’s rare hot springs. In addition, it combines its rich Chinese medicine culture with hundreds of herbal medicines and nutrients to bring profound cultural connotations to the hot spring water that does not have much cultural color.

This enables people to maintain their health while bathing in hot springs. It also achieves the purpose of leisure, relaxation, self-cultivation, cultivation of sentiment, upgrading of taste and purifying the soul.


The 2,500-square-meter artificial wave is a stimulating and safe artificial wave that is always a toner for short-distance travel. How to scream and scream carnival is not excessive.

From the rockery stone scene, there are waves of passionate waves, and the rowing-type swimming ring with high safety factor is up and down, left and right, and the cheers are really coming through the “waves”, even in the cold winter.passionate!

Only 10°C ice spring, hidden cave days artificial pool, fragrant rose pool, crystal clear crystal palace, various medicinal baths, natural slate hot springs. children’s play area designed for children, waterThe park and the pool are combined into one.

Colourful slide toy fountain, with cute and exquisite cartoon shape, play happy time. in front of you.