Acupuncture is related to changes in the moon phase

Acupuncture is related to changes in the moon phase

The ancient cloud: “The moon has a cloudy and sunny circle”.

As the moon revolves around the earth, the relative positions of the three celestial bodies in motion constantly change, so a law of change in the phases of the moon is produced.

That is, from the beginning of the month (the outline of the moon is empty) to the first string (the beginning of the month), to the middle of the month (the full profile of the month), to the second string (the beginning of the month), to the obscure end of the month, andBack to Shuo’s gradual change.

The gravitational effect of the moon mainly affects the organisms and objects on the earth, causing the organisms and objects in the natural world of the earth to also produce displacement changes with the change of the moon phases.

This possibility change is also reflected in human life activities.

  Impact of January Phase Changes on the Rise and Fall of Human Qi and Blood “Lingshu.

“Shuilu” reads: “When the moon is full, the seawater is flourishing.”

“By the month of Guo Kong, the seawater was flourishing.

“It is pointed out that the change of the tide level of the tide is consistent with the change rhythm of the moon phase.

Blood is the fluid flowing in the body, and its operation depends on the control and promotion of qi.

Because people live on the earth, the operation of qi and blood is also necessarily affected by changes in the profit and loss of the moon phases.

Just as “Su asked.

The “Bazheng Shenminglun” chapter said: “When the month is born, the blood gas will start to be refined, and the health gas will go; Yue Guoman, the blood gas will be solid, and the muscles will be strong. On the Yue Guokong, the muscles will be reduced, the meridians will be weak, and the health gas will go.Live alone.

With the beginning of the month, the outline is full, and the outline of the moon changes to indicate the rhythm of the moon phase.

These changes are manifested by changes in blood gas, that is, the processes of “prime sperm”, “real”, and “virtual”.

The rhythm of qi and blood in the human body is manifested in women through menstruation.

Traditional Chinese medicine has long recognized that menstruation is a physiological phenomenon related to changes in the phases of the moon, and the “Nei Jing” has a statement that “the moon is under the present”.

Li Shizhen explained her menstruation in “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “Women, genitals are also mainly blood.

The blood should be overcast (moon), the next should be the sea tide, the moon has profit and loss, the sea has the tide, and the moon is in line with it.

It is said that the moon water, monthly letter, menstruation.

“Modern statistics also show that the phases of the moon phases and menstrual cycle are also very close.

Furthermore, many modern studies have shown that the menstrual dates of women’s menstrual periods are also closely related to changes in the phases of the moon: Qi and blood from the beginning to the period of fullness, and the period from the beginning to the full contour of the moon, are many womenThe menstrual tide is the center of menstrual peak, especially around the end of the month.

Therefore, it shows that the changes of human qi and blood are closely related to the changes of the moon phases.

Chinese medicine believes that there is also a “sea” in the human body: the brain is the sea of marrow, the sea of qi is the sea of stomach, the sea of water is the valley, and the sea of blood is the sea of blood.

The lack of the moon in nature leads to the generation of ocean tides, and it also has various effects on the “sea” of the human body.

American scientists explain this: 80% of the water in the human body has a chemical composition that is very similar to seawater, so the gravity of the moon that affects seawater also affects the human body, causing the body ‘s functions to produce rhythms that change with the phases of the moon.

Because the blood and the blood of the human body have changes in the heart, the body’s ability to resist disease, the responsivity to pathogenic factors, and the response to treatment may all cause rhythmic changes due to changes in the blood-phase rhythm of the blood.

Taking into account the factors of this rhythm in the treatment, taking different treatments according to the changes in qi and blood will help improve the efficacy.

This determines that there will be a close relationship between acupuncture and moon phase changes.

  2. The relationship between acupuncture and moon phase changes 2.

1 Acupuncture and diarrhea and changes of the moon phase “Su Wen.

“Bazheng Shenming Lun” said: “The moon is born without diarrhea, the moon is full and there is no supplement, and the moon Guo is empty, which is sometimes adjusted.

Because of the order of the sky, when the sun is shining, move the light to position and stand upright.

Therefore, Yuexue was born with diarrhea, which means that there is a deficiency; when the moon is full, the blood is full, the blood is retained, and the life is heavy; Yue Guokong has no cure, which is called disorder.

“Outstanding the interrelationship between lunar rhythm and treatment.

The application of acupuncture and diarrhea must be in accordance with the moon phase qi and blood rhythm, so as to “regulate blood gas because of all time.

Modern research shows that the sudden increase in the number of deaths caused by acute causes during the tide rising period and the high tide period may be related to the empirical evidence of such diseases. During the rising period, the human body function in the high tide period also tends to climax.

Acupuncture treatment cannot be supplemented, which is in line with the saying that “the month is full without supplement”.

And 80% of those who died from chronic failure died during the tide ebb and low tide, which may be related to the fact that these diseases are mostly false syndromes, and the function is low during the ebb and tide. Acupuncture cannot use diarrhea, which is related toSay it fits.  2.

2 Acupuncture intensity and lunar phase change “Su Wen.

“Miao stabbing method” said: “Every person who travels and walks impermanently, stabs it between the meat.

The number of months of life and death is counted, and those who use the needles take the Qi as the number of maggots. After the days of the needles, they are degassed.


.One month a month, two days a month, gradually increasing; fifteen days on the fifteenth day, fourteen days on the 16th, gradually less.

“The strength of Yang Qi determines the number of acupuncture.

From the first day to the fifteenth, the yang qi gradually grew, and the body’s ability to resist external stimuli increased. Therefore, the amount of stimulus can be gradually increased during acupuncture treatment; from sixteen to thirty, the yang qi gradually became willing to accept external stimuli.Corresponding attenuation, so the amount of stimulation of acupuncture should then decrease; 30 days, Yin Qi is the strongest, Yang Qi is the weakest, unable to accept arbitrary stimulation, it is not suitable for acupuncture.

In view of this, Tang’s organized the method and named it “Moon and Death Acupuncture”. Whenever other methods are used to treat the hands, he often uses the rule of law and has repeatedly achieved wonderful results.


The guidance of 3 menstrual phase changes in the clinical guidance of acupuncture is as described above. Since women’s menstrual formation is related to menstrual phase changes, the treatment of menstrual diseases must also grasp the law of menstrual phase changes.

Acupuncture has a good therapeutic effect on menstrual diseases. One of the important factors is to grasp the timing of acupuncture treatment. Zheng’s proposed a method for treating gynecological diseases with the moon’s loss and balance: the first is “winding and regulating, warming and nourishing.”The moon is believed to have a gradual surplus from the time of winding, and people respond to it. Yinjinying blood is at the time of germination. Therefore, use this opportunity to treat dysmenorrhea due to blood deficiency, blood-cold menstruation, blood deficiency, or liver and kidney yin deficiencyIn the later period of Qi deficiency, the period of menstrual evolution of Kidney Deficiency, and those with Deficiency and Coldness, such as excessive menstruation, too little menopause, and amenorrhea., Very effective.

As women are vulnerable to menstrual injuries and blood, the above-mentioned symptoms and symptoms account for a large proportion, and acupuncture doctors are also obviously treating the above-mentioned symptoms and symptoms.

Many acupuncturists claim that acupuncture should be performed from 7-10 days before menstruation. A series of methods are also coincident, and can be sutured from many medical records. This method is indeed a good method.

  The second is “Yuewangzhuyu, Liqi Tongsan is the law”; The third is “lower string tocolysis, solid photo security is the most important”; The fourth is “Shuoshi stop belt, dehumidify spleen and kidney.”

  The author believes that these methods can also achieve good results if used in clinical acupuncture.

In addition, it should be injected that acupuncture treatment of menstrual diseases often take Renmai, Zusanyin Meridian, but in the process of menstruation, Dumai, with the pulse to oppose Renrenmai to regulate and restrain.

Du Meridian points are rarely used in the treatment of menstrual diseases.

When the moon is full, it is mostly the time of passing, the sea of yin veins, the time when the sea of blood is the most agitated, and the time when the sea of dunes, the sea of the yang veins, is the most agitated.

If at this time the acupuncture at Dumai Mai points, tonic deficiency and diarrhea, will definitely affect Chongren Ermai, so that the yin and yang will be peaceful and the moon will return to normal.

Ear sores around the ears are mainly symptoms of local flushing, burning, itching, and pleomorphic skin lesions, which are equivalent to the external ear canal eczema in modern medicine.

“Jinzong Jinjian.

“Summary of Surgical Mind” describes the disease as follows: “This card is born between the ears and between the ears, extending up and down the ear folds, like a crack, red, and yellow water.

Caused by warm bile and spleen.

However, this sore month is a sore and the sore declines, with the monthly profit and loss, also known as lunar eclipse.

“It is clearly pointed out that the occurrence of this disease is related to the change of the moon phase.

The author believes that acupuncture treatment of this disease is enough to treat when the blood is full, that is, when qi and blood are at their peak, in order to drive away evil spirits and go out.

In addition, when the month is profitable, it is also the time when the four “sea” is the most exhilarating. The author believes that this is the best time to treat chronic debilitating diseases such as long-term functional decline, children’s mental retardation, stomach ptosis, and anemia.

It is a good law.

In essence, acupuncture is closely related to the change of the moon phase.

We should make full use of this law to improve the clinical efficacy of acupuncture.