All phobias are making trouble!

All phobias are making trouble!

Ronaldinho is studying in the second semester of high school. He has been studying very hard, first in the class and then in the first grade. He has performed well in the most important bottom examination and won the second place in the grade.

The teacher and parents may have encouraged him, but unexpectedly, a few days later, Ronaldinho suddenly “strange” and was afraid to read.

  Ronaldinho’s “strangeness” when he goes home to go to school normally appears in a “drilling horn”, such as 7X = 14, then X = 2, this is a simple algebra problem.

But Ronaldinho will start to wonder: why should X equal 2?

This was originally a rule of operation rules, but Ronaldinho was indulging in some kind of hard thinking and meditation.

Unfortunately, this forced “self-doubt” interfered with his homework, lectures in class, and became more and more intensive.

First, it was algebra, then geometry, physics, English, and various subjects were “infected” one after another, and Ronaldinho tried all his best to solve the problem.

Two weeks later, Luo finally felt unable to continue, so he explained the situation to his parents and teacher and asked to rest at home for a few days.

Strange to say, Ronaldinho watched TV at home and slept, but everything was normal.

Two days later, he tried to return to school for a lesson. Who knew the strange disease and repeated it immediately, scared Ronaldinho back to the house . Worried that Jiang Lang found out after consulting that Ronaldinho was overwhelmed by an excessive psychological burden.

Ronaldo has a younger brother and his grades are good.

Ronaldinho thinks that his brother is clever, but he doesn’t work very hard but has good grades. But he himself studies hard by hard work.

Therefore, despite his steadily increasing performance, he was still not confident in himself and was worried that he would be exhausted.

  Facing the eager expectations of teachers and parents, Ronaldinho desperately studied in order to live up to them. As his grades got better and better, his fears became worse and worse: What if I failed the exam?

What if I fall back?

I’m not very smart. If others are smart and hardworking, won’t they soon surpass me?

How did I face my teacher and parents at that time?

Ronaldinho’s poor psychological awareness of success and failure should deal with his over-calculation and sensitivity to results.

As a result, when he became second in the grade, his nerves reached the limit of tolerance, and suddenly collapsed with the aforementioned compulsive thinking symptoms.

From a psychological point of view, the appearance of this symptom can also be explained as a kind of self-protection of the human body, just as people sometimes remind themselves through physical discomfort that they are too tired and tired to take a rest. Sometimes the emergence of psychological problems also tells:Your mental burden is too heavy