Benefits of drinking honey after fitness exercises

Benefits of drinking honey after fitness exercises

Previous studies have confirmed that after weight training, supplements and protein supplements can enhance muscle recovery.

The latest research proves that honey has the best effect among many impurities.

  Richard, director of the Sports Nutrition Laboratory at the University of Memphis, USA?

Dr. Creed pointed out that honey can help the body maintain high blood glucose levels within two hours after training.

  Blood glucose is the glucose contained in the blood and it is the body’s main energy source.

If the glucose concentration in the blood is too low, a hypoglycemic reaction will occur, which seriously affects the normal progress of human life activities.

Therefore, maintaining high blood glucose levels after training is important for muscle recovery.

But after weight-bearing training, the body will increase insulin secretion to promote protein metabolism.

When the plasma level in the body rises, the blood sugar will drop accordingly, so it is not easy to maintain high blood sugar levels.

  Researchers conducted experiments on athletes, who all replenished protein and glucose immediately after weight training in the retina.

The same is glucose, some people add sugar, some people add maltodextrin, and some people add honey.

As a result, only the group who drank honey maintained ideal blood glucose levels within two hours after training, and their hormone levels also proved that their muscles were in an ideal state of recovery.