Just after midsummer, you need to be careful not to hurt people

Just after midsummer, you need to be careful not to hurt people

Heat stroke is a common disease in summer, especially in the elderly and children.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that there is a distinction between yin and yang in the case of heatstroke.

Patients often work under the hot sun, or walk long distances, or because of continuous labor in high temperature, poor ventilation, and high humidity environments. This type of heat stroke is often severe and critical. People can prevent sun heat, but,Insufficient knowledge of the overheating certificate.

  The cold attacker is unknowing.

Mo Zhi has many offenders, so those who are ill in the summer, Yinshu occupies eight or nine.

“The onset of overheating is mostly caused by excessive heat in summer to avoid heat and cold, which is the so-called” quiet person who gets cold is overheating. “Or immediately rushed with cold water topping after exercise, or quickly drank a lot of cold water or iced drink, or was blown by the strong wind of an electric fan while sleeping, causing wind, cold, and wet evil to attack the body and trigger “yummy heat”. Trying to the Ming DynastyThe great medical scientist Zhang Jingyue pointed out: “People who suffer from overheating due to summer heat are also . hence the name of overheating.

In other words, the cause of the overheating is not just the heat, but also cold and wet.

The course of Yinshu is relatively long, the dampness is viscous, and the treatment is not correct. The patient is also extremely distressed.

Modern medicine believes that the reason for the overheating is that in hot climates, the metabolism of the body is strong, the physical energy is consumed, and the resistance is weakened. When the climate suddenly cools down or is suddenly stimulated by the cold, pathogenic microorganisms will take advantage of it., Cause upper respiratory tract infection or vomiting and diarrhea, and even cause mouth and eye distortion, causing complications such as stroke and paralysis.

  To prevent overheating, be careful not to be too greedy, use electric fans, air conditioners, control cold eating and cold showers after sweating overnight or overnight.

In particular, the elderly, children, pregnant women, frail people and people with concomitant ailments are likely to cause this disease, and protection should be strengthened.

Once suffering from yin and yin, treatment should be performed with the method of dehydrating and dampening. Chinese medicine Liuyisan can be used, and Huoxiangzhengqi Pill (water) can be taken orally.

Or use Chinese herbs citron, eustoma, almond, rind, cilantro, light tempeh, decoction and warm clothes twice a day; or replace citron, magnolia, lentils, perilla leaves, pelan, tangerine peel, Poria, decoction and warm clothes, 2 times a day.

If the head is as heavy as a wrapper, it can be added to live, vines; cold evil guilty of the stomach, causing stomach qi to fall and fall, fullness, and those who do not eat incense can add cardamom, French pinellia, Divine Comedy.