Did women force men into dead ends?

Did women force men into dead ends?

Love fell alive before marriage, everything changed after marriage, when the husband and wife derailed one after another, can the crumbling family still be maintained?

  Ke Die was very thin, and her tall figure and fashionable outfit could grind the shadow of her former model. “I don’t know what I did wrong. I just reached the edge of divorce in just a few years. Maybe I should havePractically, find a rich person to marry.

“she says.

  Ke Die was born in a rural village in the north with four siblings. After completing high school in 1996, she had no money to enter the university. At the age of 18, she came to Shenzhen to enter the world.

Although his family was poor, Ke Die, who had been studying in the county seat, “knows a lot about him” and raised his hands like a city man.

After she came to Shenzhen, she helped people with children and worked as a waiter in a hotel. At the age of 20, she joined a small model company because she was 7-5 meters long.

  After some less professional training, she started to work. Her job is to participate in some commercial activities, walk in steps, and earn a lot of money, but they have a lot of people who ask them to eat, drink, and have fun, and their lives are quite lively.

She began to devote herself to living like a sugar daddy, slightly trapped, as the sisters around her.

Regarding Ahu’s pursuit, she only considers the small embellishments in life. Ahu is an employee in the company and is responsible for the outreach business.

Once, Ahu asked her to go to the bar for a drink, and Ahu rushed to the stage to play the drum set. The cost made Ke Die bewildered. Later, Ahu sang “Love Forever” and won the house.Applause.

He stated that it had been given to a person he had always admired, and that person was sitting in the audience tonight.

In this way, Ke Die was gradually captured by Ahu. During the process that Ahu invited her to travel, eat, and send her clothes and jewelry, she also ignited her fiery love for Ahu.

She changed the criteria for choosing a spouse in the past: as long as you are with your loved one, whether or not you have money is not the primary issue.

  As the effectiveness of the modeling company is getting worse and worse, a Hong Kong boss in the audiovisual business has poached a smart and capable Ahu. He is responsible for helping the boss take care of two large stores.

Ke Die did not return to work after becoming unemployed, hoping to help Ahu develop his career wholeheartedly.

In the winter of 2001, the couple, who had been in love for a year and a half, entered the palace of marriage.

They are eagerly planning the life they are engaged in and are full of sweet hopes for the future.

  After more than a year of loving and loving, the life of the couple gradually changed from the initial enthusiasm to the ordinary, and it became a trivial day like many families.

When I saw that the sisters who had been in the model company had married rich people, had a house and a car, Ke Die was a bit unbalanced. She didn’t want to continue to be a housewife at home. She hoped to work with her husband to make enough money as soon as possible.Buy a house.

Soon, she found a job as a consultant in a high-end seafood restaurant, often working overtime late at night, and sometimes the boss called her for any entertainment, because she was very good at drinking.

The husband said that as long as Ke Die is happy, he will never interfere with her entertainment at work.

  At work, he takes his tired son back home at night, and walks out of the house half awake and half awake in the morning. Ke Die thinks this kind of life is normal, which person in the bustling city is not helpless

But this life changed quickly. The husband often came back later than her. He sometimes said that he would accompany the boss to play mahjong. Sometimes he said that the company took stocks and purchased the goods. In short, he couldn’t get back home because he was too busy.

Ke Die is not stupid. When she went to the shop to “reconnaissance” in the evening, she found that her husband had left with a young female clerk. After tracking down to the female clerk’s rental house, Ke Die broke down, and her husband even got along with the clerk!

  Ke Die forced to ask Ahu, and Ahu said that it was to help people install a broken lamp that night, which was not what Ke Die imagined.

Ke Die firmly believed in her judgment. She began to ignore Ahu. At night, she replaced her with a sofa and a bed. At the beginning of the replacement, Ahu became more honest and returned early every night, but one month later, he sawKe Die was still cold to him and started to return late at night, sometimes not even returning.

Ke Die’s heart was completely cool, and she doubted her choice.

  Ke Die’s gloom and gloom were seen by an individual owner who often came to eat in the shop. Boss Wang started to ask her if she had any thoughts, and then asked her to go out for tea.

Ke Die heard from others that Boss Wang’s wife died three years ago. In the past three years, Boss Wang has been in love twice, but everyone has fancyed his money and lied to some money and disappeared.

He has been enlightening her carefully, and Ke Die told her situation about Boss Wang. Boss Wang asked her to think it over, or divorce would be reconciliation.

Ke Die couldn’t make up her mind to divorce when she thought of her former love and affection, but every time she went home to see A Hu, she was furious.

Is he able to enjoy the happiness of being a wife and a lover?

Ke Die decided not to restrict herself any more, and she wanted to let Ahu taste the betrayal.

  Ke Die began to approach Boss Wang actively. Boss Wang was concerned about Ke Di’s initiative. He was afraid of repeating the mistakes and began to dodge the flashes, but eventually failed to resist Ke Die’s “offensive”.

After being with Boss Wang, Ke Die felt the thrill of revenge. She was dressed up every day, dismissive of the expression that Ahu wanted to rest.

She also bought a lot of high-end cosmetics and new clothes, humming the key and deliberately wrote happiness in the uniform.

The unbearable Ahu told her dissatisfied that he would go to work or go on a date with such a heavy makeup all day.

Ke Die understates, can you manage it?As her relationship with Boss Wang deepened, Ahu showed more and more nervousness. Although he said nothing, his irritable sigh and inexplicable anger explained everything.

  Ke Die said, “A man takes it for granted that he is out of order. When his wife has an affair, he becomes irresistible, and then he understands how much the betrayal has caused his wife.

Nowadays, Ahu’s mood has plummeted, and he often goes home drunk and sometimes stays in the rental house of the female clerk all night.

But Ke Die engulfed in deeper pain after the thrill of revenge.

Boss Wang did not give her any promise, and she did not want to develop with Boss Wang.

  Ke Die proposed a divorce to Ahu. Ahu said that she could do it at any time, but she was late and determined to apply for a divorce certificate.Is love falling so fast that it cannot be restored?

At present, Ke Die’s marriage is a mess. She surrounded the divorce, but she still can’t bear to divorce Ahu, which shows that she still loves him deeply.

People always dream that marriage can make fiery love eternal, but in fact, no matter how passionate love enters real life, it will cool down and even make small mistakes. If someone reminds you in time, it may be avoided.

If a man who has already made a mistake is forced into a dead end, eventually the woman herself will enter the desperation of emotion.

Giving her husband a chance to change is actually giving her a chance. I hope that Ke Die, who has gone further and further, can grasp her future.