Eating sweet potatoes to lose weight is still beautiful, but be careful to avoid 4 taboos

Eating sweet potatoes to lose weight is still beautiful, but be careful to avoid 4 taboos

Sweet and sweet potatoes, whether steamed, grilled or cooked, have all been welcomed by the public, especially sweet potatoes can help to lose weight with laxatives, and it is even more popular among women.

In fact, the benefits of sweet potatoes for women are much more than that, let’s take a look together!

  The beauty and beauty of the mucus protein contained in the sweet potato can maintain the elasticity of the blood vessel wall and prevent the occurrence of atherosclerosis; the chlorogenic acid in the sweet potato can inhibit the production of melanin and prevent the appearance of freckles and age spots.

The estrogen in sweet potatoes has the functions of keeping human skin delicate, reducing subcutaneous fat accumulation and moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, and beauty.

  Helps to lose weight Sweet potatoes help to lose weight, because the dietary fiber in sweet potatoes helps to promote the aunts and sugars in the food, and aunts and sugar are the “culprits” that cause obesity.

In addition, after eating sweet potatoes, eaters are less likely to feel newborns, which greatly reduces the number of snacks.

  Inertia constipation sweet potato contains a lot of supplementary fiber, which can not be absorbed inside, can stimulate resonance, enhance peristalsis, detoxify laxative, especially has better curative effect on senile constipation.

  Anti-cancer and anti-cancer sweet potatoes contain a large amount of lysine necessary for the human body, as well as very rich carotene, which can inhibit the abnormal differentiation of epithelial cells, enhance human immunity, and prevent carcinogens from binding to proteins in the nucleus.

At the remote end, clinical trials at the Philadelphia Hospital in the United States have shown that the androsterone extracted from sweet potatoes can effectively inhibit the occurrence of colon cancer and cancer.

  Sweet potato for controlling blood sugar has a certain anti-diabetic effect.

A clinical study at the University of Vienna in Austria found that patients with type 2 diabetes improved their insulin sensitivity and improved blood glucose control after taking white-skinned sweet potato extract.

  However, although sweet potatoes are delicious and beneficial, there are taboos in eating sweet potatoes. Be careful: 1.

It is not advisable to eat raw sweet potatoes. The starch is difficult to digest because the cell membrane in the raw sweet potatoes is damaged by the high temperature.


Do not eat too much at one time because sweet potatoes contain “gasification enzymes”. After eating more, it is easy to produce a large amount of carbon dioxide gas in the gastrointestinal tract, which causes abdominal distension, heartburn, snoring, acid reflux, and exhaust.

Can be eaten with cabbage and radish.


Do not eat with persimmons because the sugar in sweet potatoes ferments in the stomach, increases gastric acid secretion, reacts with the metabolites in persimmons, and pectin reacts to precipitate and agglomerate, resulting in lumps, which can cause gastrointestinal bleeding or stomach.ulcer.


Do not eat sweet potatoes with brown spots or black spots, which are contaminated with black spot bacteria.

The toxins emitted by the black spot bacteria contain ketoketone and mannitol, which can be poisoned by humans.