[Effects and effects of three black porridge]_Benefits_Benefits

[Effects and effects of three black porridge]_Benefits_Benefits

Basically, generally black food can slow down the aging of the human body, black grains can also be black hair and bright, and can supplement the vitamins and other substances needed by the human body.

Three black porridges are black sesame, black rice and black beans, which can nourish the stomach and nourish the kidney, and if eaten regularly, it can also regulate the dampness and coldness of the human body to make the body healthy.

Warriors can also prevent blood vessel embolism and improve the body’s immunity.

Black enters the kidney. There is a theory in traditional Chinese medicine: the food colors corresponding to “heart, liver, spleen, lung, and kidney” are red, cyan, yellow, white, and black.

Since the color of food today can be changed by various pigments, the colors we refer to here refer to the natural color of food.

The role of black food Why does black food appear black?

Because these foods generally contain natural anthocyanins, carotene, melanin and other substances.

The effects of these substances on the human body are indeed very large. Some carotene are good at preventing cancer, eyesight and detoxification.

Anthocyanins are very familiar to everyone. It is a strong antioxidant that can remove free radicals in the body, prevent vascular toxin accumulation, enhance organ function, and improve human immunity.

And melanin also has a strong antioxidant function.

Black food has the ability to nourish the kidney. Black food has strong anti-aging and anti-oxidant functions. Coupled with black entering the kidney, eating black food often can enhance the function of our kidneys.

However, with so many black foods, their kidney-reinforcing ability is also strong or weak. After considering comprehensive factors, there are three kinds of black foods that are most suitable for our daily kidney-reinforcing. Put them together and cook into a pot of “three black” porridge.A bowl has many benefits.

So which “three blacks” are they?

Black beans and black beans are not bad for their ability to nourish and detoxify. Black beans are also rich in supplementary fiber, so it can promote bowel movements and prevent constipation.

However, since more beans are easy to “swell”, only a small amount of three black porridge can be used.

Black rice Black rice is called “black pearl”. It is a rare and precious variety in rice. It is rich in trace elements and amino acids and is a kind of nourishing rice.

Three small black rice porridges are enough.

Black sesame seeds need no more introduction, right?

As everyone knows, the most widely known black sesame is “black hair”, and whether the hair is luxuriant is actually a reflection of whether the kidney is full or not.

Grab a small handful of black sesame seeds in three black porridge to nourish kidney and blood.

Except for 1 small black bean, 2 small black rice, 1 small black sesame, other ingredients can be adjusted according to your own taste, you can add or not add.

If you want to add, it is recommended to put millet, lily, walnuts, nourishing and nutritious.

Persist in drinking a bowl of three black porridge every day. It won’t take long for you to find yourself full of energy, energetic eyes, reduced hair loss, and even ruddy complexion.

The six most inconspicuous longevity foods in life 1Pine nuts, pine nuts, intestines, moisturizing pearl-like pine nuts, are widely used in traditional imperial diet, and have always been regarded as nourishing and strengthening.

The rich oil content of pine nuts can not only help defecate, but also moisturize the skin.

At the same time, pine nuts are a high-quality source of fats and oils, containing polyunsaturated fatty acids, which can alleviate inflammatory reactions.

Pine nuts are relatively tall and can be sprinkled on meals, usually a small amount at a time.

2 Anti-inflammatory and sterilization of garlic In the era without antibiotics, garlic played an important life-saving role.

Recently, garlic has also been found to lower cholesterol.

However, raw garlic has a strong spicy irritation, and people with gastritis, hemorrhoids, and red eyes should not eat garlic raw.

3 Chinese cabbage antitussive and phlegm is also anti-cancer In Chinese medicine, Chinese cabbage can reduce fever and relieve heat, and relieve cough and phlegm.

Modern science has found that cabbage has high nutritional value, many types, and can be eaten all year round. It is the most famous anti-cancer star.

4Porridge protects the stomach and strengthens the vital energy porridge During the cooking process, the active ingredients in the food have been released and dissolved in the soup water, so it can be easily digested and absorbed, suitable for people with poor appetite and weak health.

5 Kelp helps to defecate without gaining weight, is low in degeneration, and is full of gelatin. Kelp with minerals is a beauty health food suitable for modern people.

Kelp accepts soluble fiber, which is easier to digest and absorb than normal fiber, and helps smooth bowel movements.

The biggest advantage is that the kelp transition is low. As a snack, don’t worry about getting fat, it is very suitable for beautiful women.

6 Buckwheat antihypertensive helps sleep Buckwheat contains powerful antioxidants, which can lower blood lipids, enhance blood vessel elasticity, prevent blood clotting, and is a good heart food.

In addition, its effect of lowering blood pressure and assisting sleep is also very good; buckwheat is still a good intestine scavenger, and the fiber content is 6 times that of ordinary white rice, so it is called “clean intestine”.