Listen to coughs to identify symptoms

Listen to coughs to identify symptoms

New disease cough mostly belongs to trauma; chronic disease cough mostly belongs to internal injury.

Evidence is high for those who have a strong cough and weak ones;

  (1) The cough is strong and heavy, and the sputum is yellow and viscous, most of which are exogenous wind-heat; if the phlegm is thin and the runny nose is clear, the exogenous wind is cold.

  (2) The cough sounds weak, and the sputum is thick and yellow, it is difficult to cough, and the sore throat is caused by lung fever.

  (3) Dry cough without sputum or with low sputum and stickiness is mostly dry or hot cough.

  (4) Cough, tightness and block, and more sputum white, easy to cough, mostly caused by wet sputum or sputum drinking.

  (5) Cough with low weakness, shortness of breath, spontaneous sweating, and thin phlegm are false lung qi; if the cough is weak, the night cough is more serious, shortness of breath, backache, etc., often the disease of lung and kidney deficiency.

  (6) The hoarseness of cough, dry cough with less sputum or blood in sputum, manifested as hot flashes, dry throat, lung deficiency.

  (7) If the cough sounds, the sound will be repeated more than one or twenty times. At the end, there will be a long scream in the throat, like a bird calling, called pertussis.

  (8) If the cough sounds like a dog barking, and there is a white membrane between the throats, which is not easy to peel off, it is called diphtheria. The disease is mostly lung and kidney yin deficiency, and fire poisoning the throat.