Father-in-law is missing an underpants mother-in-law calling us a thief

Father-in-law is missing an underpants mother-in-law calling us a thief

Introduction: She went back to her mother-in-law’s house with her husband, and lost one of her father’s underwear. The mother-in-law called them thieves.

  The first time I went to his house, after returning to Guangzhou, my mother-in-law called us and said that we stole my father’s underwear. At that time, my husband was very angry. “What do I do with his underwear?”I said it was wrong. I opened the suitcase to find it. No, because I was young and the underwear I bought for my husband was childish. How could it be the same as my father’s?Did she fall down? Go downstairs to find her husband. Her husband was very angry. “Did she ask us if we got it wrong, or scold us as a thief, why are you talking to her in such a good mood?”

After scolding for a week, I explained that I did not take it wrong, and she said that I had a lot of excuses.

  Now thinking about it, I’m really sick, but I don’t know why I didn’t take it seriously at that time, I almost forgot about it.

  Sometimes I think my husband is really poor, I do n’t know how to give birth. With such parents, now think about why my mother-in-law firmly believes that my husband took it, mainly because my husband always wears his father ‘s old clothes, a handsome guy, wearsHe looks like an old man. Even his underwear was picked up by his father-in-law. At that time, almost all his salary for five years was taken by his mother-in-law. It was impossible to have extra money to buy clothes, so he would take it at home.Take it, just don’t understand why the mother-in-law used stealing to describe it.

  I never bought new clothes when I was a kid. The only mother-in-law who bought it was a cheap suit and no toys. The only toy I bought was an uncle. I did n’t give pocket money. Occasionally I wanted to go out to eat.I usually eat in the school cafeteria for no money. My mother-in-law works there. My husband likes collecting stamps. All the money is collected by myself. (Many iron processing plants in the vicinity, some scrap iron is unnecessary.)), The in-laws of the parents-in-law and mother-in-law wear beautiful clothes, and always say that they have taste.

  After we patted, my husband’s clothes were all bought by me. I was very willing to buy him clothes. He threw away all his old clothes, so it was impossible to take the old underwear worn by his father and said it was disgusting.

  Should I forgive someone who does not even love my son?

I kept helping my mother-in-law to find various reasons and let me forgive her reasons, but I really found it. I was tired, my brain was tired, and my heart was tired.