We often hear at the table all kinds of advice on "": The chicken neck can not eat, there are many lymph above; chicken butt accumulation of toxins can not eat; can not eat chicken feet, are hydrogen peroxide bubble……These claims, in the end true or false?In the end what to eat, what not to eat?  1 is an injection of local wing tips?  Some people say that the wing tips can not eat, is an injection place, this statement is not correct。
Subcutaneous injection site (such as skin prick kinds of vaccines) to chicken in a rich multi-select the subcutaneous tissue, the skin is more "loose" place。That is, if the wings need to be injected in the vicinity, generally not select the lower wing tip。
  There are other chickens at the injection site, it does not mean that these parts can not eat, walk antibiotics is to follow the circulatory system of the body, only to seize "the site of injection drugs residues" This is one-sided。
As long as after quarantine, standardized slaughter and processing of chicken, not a health threat, it is safe to eat。
  2 chicken butt accumulated toxins?  In addition to the chicken butt contains a lot of fat, also gathered a lot of lymphoid tissue, hidden germs, viruses and other harmful substances, unfit for human consumption。
  In regular slaughter, they will be removed。If you own at home processing live chickens, chicken butt section or discard better。
  3 years beheaded game arsenic?  Folk known as "Ten years beheaded game arsenic," saying, in fact, this argument is rumor。
  Chicken head through the mouth of eating the food, but the food can still go to the gastrointestinal digestion and absorption into the blood。Even if there are toxins, it is processed by the liver, kidneys and other organs, and in particular does not accumulate to the head。So, as long as regular way purchase beheaded, thorough cooking can rest assured that eating cooked。  4 chicken necks a large number of lymph nodes?  That can not ducks, pigs and other animals neck because of neck lymph node animal, detoxification organ。In fact, this is a typical misunderstanding。
  Are two different things with neck lymph nodes, Peyer's patches are distributed in the body skin, if you like, duck neck, is not willing to eat these lymphoid tissue, the skin can be removed。  5 chicken offal containing a large amount of heavy metals?  There are claims that: chicken offal contains a lot of heavy metals and other harmful substances, can not eat。This is a sweeping statement。
  Chicken chicken offal typically includes a variety of organs, such as the spleen, lung, heart, gizzard (stomach), chicken intestine, heart, and liver, etc.。In Dirty, these two types can not eat: 1.The spleen is peripheral lymphoid organs, needs to be cut。  2.Lungs and trachea easy to contain pathogens, but also need to abandon。  The chicken liver, chicken kidneys, gizzards (stomach), heart as long as not a lot to eat frequently, occasionally eat do not have to worry about。
  For us ordinary consumers, no matter what to eat meat, try to formal markets and supermarkets to buy, can reduce the risk of eating。
  Processing more than 6 chicken legs formaldehyde?  Both chicken snack to share, but also for drinks dishes, but these "delicious" there are security risks。Previously, formaldehyde chicken feet, chicken feet hydrogen peroxide and other "chicken processing plant" by the news frequently exposed。
  Buy cooked chicken feet there is a trick: carefully choose plump type。
Properly cooked chicken legs are pale yellow, the color of white chicken legs do not buy。