The morning, what do you thing the top?Suddenly leave grooming, still stay in bed playing mobile phone?From the beginning tomorrow, after the early morning to try to do the following five things, will harvest the effectiveness of disease prevention and life extension。  5:00 habit helps longevity stretch the body, promote blood circulation。  When you stand up, you can stretch your body, breathing breathing, not only can increase your oxygen uptake, but also effectively stretch your muscles, blood circulation through the body, your muscles full of vitality make you feel tired disappearance。
  Good brushing three minutes。
  Many people do not care when brushing your teeth, easy to bacterial growth, tooth decay, we advise you to brush your teeth to ensure three minutes, to ensure that the cleaning intensity, not just in the morning, brush your teeth before going to sleep at night but also。
If you do not brush your teeth properly, the chance of suffering from periodontal disease will rise。
  After getting up drink a glass of warm water。
  A night of sleep and breathing the body lack of water。At this point, you need to add water, allowing the body to start the metabolism。After getting up drink a cup of warm water, can accelerate gastrointestinal circulation, eliminate toxins in the liver and kidney, prevent constipation。
  Eat a good breakfast。  Many people used to eat breakfast, but the body has gone through a night of consumption, it is already an empty stomach, you need to replenish their energy, but this time do not eat breakfast, because the diet, you will not increase the fat, in fact, you can reduce your lunch, dinner。
  No breakfast can accelerate weight loss, and likely to cause stones, so breakfast is a must eat。
  Breakfast should be high-quality protein, carbon and water-based foods, such as eggs, milk, whole grains, soy milk and rice pudding, and refused fritters and pancakes。
Proper breakfast diet can provide you with a variety of nutrients, enhance the body resistance, make you live longer。  Morning defecation。
  Develop a morning bowel habits, to clean up waste and toxins, intestinal cleaning。
Even if there is no morning bowel habits, fixed time every day to squatting a squat, will form a bowel habits。  Longevity is something everyone wants, but to live a really long, hard to say, the difficulty is with improving the lives of many people's eating habits and habits have changed, the worsening of their health。
  Everyone wants to live longer, but after getting precautions can help us to better achieve the goal of longevity, I hope each of us can do the things mentioned above to facilitate the extension of our life and health。