Under continuous heat up this weekend and early next week, most of the country will welcome the warm surge, although the process will fluctuate slightly, but will not reverse the trend, consistent with the warm。 Then from the northwest, north to south temperature will rise to the ranks of 20 ℃, some places even more than 25 ℃, especially in the north of the Yangtze River, temperatures will again be a large area to refresh a new high this year, by more than warm south。
  Capital cities, the cumulative heating up by more than 10 ℃ abound, including Beijing 24-28 daily maximum temperature stabilized at above 20 ℃, spring is getting stronger; Zhengzhou, the 27th or the temperature of 30 ℃, the north could become the first this year a broken temperature of 30 ℃ capital city, the perennially topped 30 ℃ date is April 25 this year, nearly a month ahead of schedule。   Not only during the day and warm at night minimum temperature will be rising, like Beijing 24-28 minimum temperature will be stable at 5 ℃, the lowest temperature along the Yangtze River will also benefit from heated to about 15 ℃ this morning less than 5 ℃。   Warm can be expected, who can not stop the arrival of spring, including Beijing, Tianjin, Taiyuan and other places, including the central and southern North China area is expected to open on weekends process Ruchun。
Pre large fluctuations in temperature, Ruchun failure of the Huang-Huai area, will move to the spring again。 To draw attention to the timely adjustment of the dress, to guard against the cold, and appropriate increase in outdoor sports, physical fitness。