US Mission taxi minimum consumption is 13 yuan Shanghai in Shanghai, the user opens the US group, the US group taxi, after the public comment APP, you can see at home, "the US group taxi" entry。 After locating the starting position of the user information, you can choose taxi or express train service。 US Mission taxi also provides users with a key and call the shuttle and taxi service。
  Beijing Youth Daily reporter saw, valuation rules the US group Express are: mileage fee + duration fees, mileage fee yuan / km, duration charges at different times according to Yuan / min to 1 yuan / minute range, minimum consumption of 13 yuan。
In addition, the dynamic price adjustment Express also follow the rules, when in peak periods and less around the driver, or the driver from the case of your distant, in order to facilitate the transaction, encourage drivers to faster orders, orders appropriate platform will increase, increase the amount of all to the driver, while the increase has capped limit。   In the passenger terminal, currently the US group launched the "three every single single down 14 yuan," "each invite a friend into a single, you can get 50 yuan coupons package" and other concessions, concessions users to share a link to friends, friends and click after 14 days of the completion of the US group's first single express train hit the car, you can get 50 yuan coupons。
  A year ago, the US group to enter the taxi industry in Nanjing。
Late last year, the US group side said that since the pilot in Nanjing 10 months, the US group taxi Division already has a team of more than 200 people, the daily orders has over 10 million single。
  Independent Internet analyst Ding Road division of Beiqing Bao told reporters that US corporations can enter Shanghai, before the description of the pilot made some advantage, so gradually open more cities。
Soon the US group will enter more cities, and other car companies about net positive fight。
  Watch taxi service combined with the dining and entertainment the main industry is particularly noteworthy that Shanghai users in the US Mission to search for local catering business information, but also directly through the "taxi" entry merchant main page, jump to the taxi service, without manual input from start address, which will be dining and entertainment scene with a taxi service combines。
  US group said, the US group is closely related to a taxi with the US group's core business reviews provide life services。
Senior vice president of the US group reviews, travel division president Wang Huiwen represent a taxi service from the user demand-driven, the US group reviews daily active users million out there is the need to travel 30%。
US group is one-stop "eat, drink line" platform, about car business network enables users to easily achieve the "eat, drink line"。 This is also the US group to do the driving force behind a taxi。 When a user purchases a restaurant coupon on public comment, the US group, when the user is traveling, to travel to the station ready to go to the hotel, when the user selected a seat on the cat's eye, preparing to go to the cinema, you can go directly to a taxi without further software switch input address information, a station will be able to travel。
  Focus drawn into a low net impact of policy about how much car market aspects of the US delegation, said the driver registered in the Shanghai area, you can enjoy open station within three months of "zero drawn into"。 Earlier in Nanjing to draw drivers to be 8% lower than the previous industry average of 20% of the amount pumped into the。
  Currently the US Mission in Nanjing taxi drivers to smoke to only 8%。 US group side said: "The reason the proportion of relatively low rake is that we believe that a taxi service platform partial property, the platform side but provide a trading platform for matching information。 In other words, from a car, hire a driver and then put consumers back home about it, do not own platform。
Because the platform is relatively light, we do not have to think rake is too high, it should be a more reasonable level in this industry。 "In addition In addition, the US group taxi drivers combined with different operating circumstances set a different reward rules to meet the needs of different drivers run single。 For germination to reward full-time drivers, for example, is divided into fare award, prize ladder and bi-weekly awards, such as when a driver ran a full cycle of the single fare of 2,200 yuan, you can get 800 yuan reward。 Outstanding driver, but also apply for the Raptors to participate in activities prize, after promotion to become a successful driver Raptors。
Raptors award greater than the bud Award rewards efforts。
  In this regard, the Internet observers to Beiqing Bao Ge A reporter said, the US group to take a taxi only 8% of the low pumping into policies for drivers not only need their own courage and confidence for the entire network about the car market, but also as good a shocker。 US Mission in APP itself, there are network about cars demand a significant number of naturally occurring, the US group taxi only need to provide appropriate services to meet those needs on the line, this way-acquisition costs can be basically negligible, neither subsidies, we do not have drainage , which is mainly formed by 8% low commission。
  A Ge said the impact of competitors it is very large, a few years ago did not earn back the huge subsidies, the cost is very high acquisition (CPA), all of a sudden out of a raked 8% to 20% of direct blow to rival his own, which taste upset。 Next, rake the proportion of competitors or lower, or they will face the loss of a driver's situation, and the driver lost often means the loss of service capabilities, ultimately resulting in the loss of users。
"Of course, above all for consumers awesome, we are happy to see。
"Chase group visit Beijing taxi landing undetermined reported that the US group a taxi to get to the end of June last year about the car business network online service capabilities found in Shanghai, while Shanghai won the license to operate a taxi reservation network。
  In late December, the US group APP in seven cities across the country to promote access to taxi links, including Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Fuzhou and Xiamen。
At that time the slogan was "reported full 200,000, immediately open the station", in Beijing overwhelming response with a time of about 10 days, they reported at least 20 people。 Later, however, said the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission, the US Mission in Beijing application had not yet been carried out about the car business network, does not have the business qualifications in the network about cars。 As for the specific time to enter the Beijing market, at present there was no response from the US group。
  Text / reporter Jing Wen。