September 2017, a time when Mr. Song received a phone call when there is intention to purchase, saying in line with reason to enjoy the auto financing company car conditions, can apply for "zero down payment car loans," because of the relative economic constraints, that the phone hit song Mr. hearts on。
5 days later, Mr. Song and auto finance company's business came 4S shop for car loan formalities, in accordance with the prior deliberation, auto finance companies will be transferred to Wan Song for a down payment。
  After a few days later, Mr. Song in the auto finance company staff, who came to the 4S shop for car lift procedures, the successful completion of the relevant procedures, the other party has to go through relevant procedures in order to drive off the grounds。
Since then, the company asked Mr. Song repeatedly to mention cars, are being shirk a variety of reasons。
Song then went to the auto finance company to negotiate, but found that the company was gone, was hit by the contact told to mention cars to 230,000 as conditions。
  So far, Mr. Song realized suffered a scam, immediately to the Ming Hua Guoyuan Public Security Bureau police station。
The police combed, since September 2017 Hua Guoyuan police station received more than similar situation with Mr. Soong's report, the victims were "Yongchi auto finance", "financial management share purchase cars," the two companies to handle " zero down payment "car loans as a gimmick, fraud。
  Police investigations revealed that six suspects with "zero down payment" for the temptation of car loans has helped more than ten people。
After the client application, auto finance companies responsible for the down payment, the completion of formalities to mention cars, followed by the perpetrators who find reasons to drive away, and then take it to sell。 When the customer mention car, is to ask for a sum of money, or not to mention cars。
  Police investigators told reporters that the sky did not fall out of a good thing, because it is "zero down payment car", many victims can not get the car did not feel that they have nothing to lose so not to pursue, but over time the bank received a reminder when the loan, only to realize that they cheated。   Currently, six suspects had been under criminal detention by the police, the case is under further investigation。 (Finish)。