Lotte Duty Free is one of the largest duty-free shops in Korea, there are currently eight store in Korea。
Which is located in Incheon Airport Branch offers perfume and cosmetics counters, the airport is the largest cosmetics shop。   Lotte Group, a senior manager on the 4th revealed that, due to the stores can not afford the high rents airport operator, the company is considering the withdrawal store。 This executive said: "Lotte Duty Free is to carefully consider matters relating to withdraw shop from Incheon International Airport, the airport unless it can significantly reduce the rent。
We have repeatedly requested to reduce the rent。
"This is the first time disclosed the Lotte Duty Free Shop intention to withdraw。 This press executives say, is considered the main reason for the withdrawal store outlets sharp drop in performance, unable to pay rent under the previous contract。
  2015, Lotte Duty Free Shop and Incheon International Airport operator signed a five-year contract。
According to this contract, Lotte Duty Free Shop in five years should pay a total of more than 4 trillion won (about 23.1 billion yuan) of the rent。
Among them, from September 2020 to August, Lotte Duty Free Shop shall pay 75% of the amount above。
  By Lotte Duty Free's views, located in Incheon Airport Branch has been in a state of non-profit company set up where the owner if the value of its symbolic significance。 With the substantial reduction of Chinese tourists to Korea, Lotte Duty Free second quarter operating loss amounted to 29.8 billion won (100 million yuan)。   [Fear rise to a "closed shop tide"] industry observers believe that once the Lotte Duty Free Shop withdrawn from the Incheon International Airport, other duty-free shops may also be followed, lead to "closed shop tide"。
  In fact, long before the intention to withdraw shop Lotte Duty Free Shop revealed that some of the airport duty-free shops have barely。
Hanwha Group's grid Aurelia duty-free due to operational difficulties, has decided to withdraw from the store in South Korea Jeju International Airport。 In addition, Incheon Airport Terminal Duty Free area were bid in April this year, the fashion accessories sector actually nobody cares, so the industry shouted accident。   Last week, the head of a number of collective duty-free shops to Incheon Airport operator "forcing", requires reducing airport rent。
According to South Korean media say, in the dismal performance of duty-free shops, the Incheon airport operator did not lose last year won one trillion won (7.5 billion yuan) profit, of which nearly 66% of the profits from rent。   However, in a duty-free bigwigs "discount" requirement, Incheon airport operator did not give in。
A person responsible for the airport 4 responded that Incheon airport duty-free shops will not give direct reduced rent。 (Zhang Jing) (special feature articles Xinhua News Agency)。