The stock traded today ranked No. 11 in the transaction, and the East Ling International Similarly, it is all the way up, but soon after the same adjustment "short covering", especially August 24 share price fell rapidly, and is heavy volume fell, although the next day the stock price continued to fall, but the quantitative data show that "short covering" short short description does not constitute a threat, after the stock price is getting stronger。 Now grasp the opportunity, is to focus on two, one is going up early, one is all the way up, the former will certainly weaken it with short power, in other words, the more continuous "short covering" the more down trend to end, while the latter is certainly everyone wants to participate but was worried about high hold, so the safest is to grasp the moment to adjust the position of its end, the same thing with "short covering" as a symbol, so this time I caught this also caught a lot, so this passage of time, we can pay more attention to individual stocks change hands quantitative data。 (→→ ←←)。