Sina Finance News August 11 news, European stock markets last night across the board sell, A shares spared。
Index opened sharply lower in early trading three, then all the way down the main stock index, the day could not organize a decent counter, in one fell swoop close to the half line, its biggest one-day drop this year, and the end of week seven with Yang line。 Chong refers to the slightly stronger performance, many times intraday meteoric rise, but the late burdened by stock index diving will turn green, weekly barely received red。 Resource stocks changed after a strong, collective sharp sell。 At the close, stock index reported, down%, the highest index reported, down%。
  Judging from the disk, the male security concept New only gone against the tide meteoric rise, steel, coal, nonferrous metal plate decreases ranking the forefront。   Hot plate: Resource stocks tumbled today as the culprit, stocks hit bottom to get together。 Steel plate in ,,,,, five stocks hit bottom, and so close to the limit ,,,, 6 shares fell more than 8%。
  In the coal sector hit bottom ,, ,, close to the limit, and other six stocks fell more than 8%, only an adverse economic meteoric rise within the plate。
  Non-ferrous metal plate in ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, eight stocks daily limit, 11 stocks fell more than 9 percent, close to the limit。
  News: 1, Wuhan published September price policy, specific adjustments as follows: wire, galvanized up 300 / ton; steel sheet pile profile up 170 yuan / ton; rolled up 350 yuan / ton; E steel heavy plate, steel pickling special steel, cold roll steel, automotive, galvanized up 400 yuan / ton; carbon steel cold roll up 500 yuan / ton; oriented silicon steel up 600 yuan / ton。
  2, TDI offer 33,562 yuan / ton, up rose%。
TDI shift the domestic market on the wide, manufacturers offer continue to increase the release of positive, continued tight supply-side traders reluctant to sell drying up, downstream inquiry is acceptable smooth trading。   3, glyphosate rose 500 yuan / ton today, an increase of%。
Glyphosate suppliers continue to stop entertained report, to the mainstream market yuan / ton, high-end transaction price to individual yuan / ton。
Domestic suppliers to reduce environmental load under heavy pressure, combined with inventory reduction, support the market reluctant to sell heavier mood。 Considering the September market season, do not rule out the possibility of prices continue to rise。   4, according to Wikipedia information, neodymium oxide, praseodymium prices rose 4 percent today, praseodymium neodymium metal prices today rose 3% last week rose more than 2 percent。 Continue to increase offer on the market, praseodymium, neodymium difficult transaction, metal praseodymium neodymium increase transaction prices, the business outlook remains positive。 Currently neodymium oxide, praseodymium reported 50-52 yuan / ton, some businesses offer higher metal praseodymium neodymium sharply upwards to 65-67 yuan / ton, the downstream NdFeB purchase orders increased, leading to a sharp rise in metal praseodymium neodymium。   5, ultra-high-power graphite electrodes domestic price increases, the market performance of tight resources, graphite electrode prices today rose%。   Outlook Preview: Jufeng investment adviser believes, technically, under the broader market pullback, short-term down to around 3200 points to the recent upward trend and the lower edge, where overlay support upfront capital or slightly stabilized base。
Overall, today's decline, in addition to Steel Association statement caused by cyclical stocks fell, the geo-political situation is tense, the external market decline is a major factor, but excluding these, the index already has a callback needs, but these factors big space and time callback。 Recently, the market dropped 3300 points Difficult occasion, but continuous media A foreign stocks, seems to be signs of bargain-hunting, and now I had a good economic performance, steady recovery in corporate performance, structural market is expected to continue for the better prices。
In this context, the index callback space is more limited, the market plunge is often a good opportunity for bargain-hunting, continue to focus on oversold, stagflation and small cap stocks have performance support, at the same time, grasp the big spending, structural opportunities cyclical stocks。
  AVIC Securities believes that the stock index fell today and July 17 is different, the core focus fell across board early, marking the motherboard market will come to an end, post-market after a period of consolidation, re-birth of a new hot spot, but in the short term or to see more than move, to avoid the risk-based。