What are the benefits of push-ups can be said to be the most simplest method for physical exercise, I believe almost all people know how to do push-ups, push-ups but I am afraid about the benefits we all just get to know it。 Following small for everyone to talk about the benefits of push-ups, it can not only train the muscles oh!The benefits of push-ups within the normal curve of the spine which ease the daily life, including sit down under, including a lot of action, will affect the back, in the spine can cause a variety of curved reduce back and spine problems, are particularly vulnerable to lead to disc disease (swelling and prominent), so that sick pain, unable to live a normal life。 In fact, this situation is completely avoidable, as long as we do some push-ups in their daily lives, can effectively improve the upper limbs, chest, back and abdominal muscles to help restore normal within a curved spine, swelling and prevent disc highlight, completely get rid of the pain problems。
Other benefits of push-ups can help us to strengthen the upper body strength, as well as back and waist forces。 Many people waist forces are not enough, you want to have a muscular physique more difficult, but practice push-ups can have such an effect。
In addition, practice push-ups can accelerate blood circulation, improve lung capacity, physical fitness will be lifted on this basis。
Often do push-ups can make people feel relaxed, energetic, better put to work and study; in addition, push-ups can eliminate body fat, help lose weight。
The benefits of exercise intensity push-ups push-ups in which to feel a little tired or tired prevail。
Week 3?4 times 3?4 groups, each 15?30 times, rest between sets 1?2 minutes。
If doing push-ups are very difficult to be in the horizontal plane and 45 ° of start practicing, then slowly moved to the stairs and floor, along with enhanced power, you can put your feet up on the ground to improve the level of difficulty。
What, do not move too fast, to avoid muscle injury caused by sports injuries。
Women push-ups during practice, because of their physical characteristics restrictions, exercise should be gradual, not deliberate pursuit of the perfect action leading to muscle injury。 Depending on their circumstances exercise every day, not strictly limit the number of。 What are the disadvantages of push-ups。