Friends close to me, the iron gate was opened immediately drilled out when a person can go out of the width, and went straight shouted: "dawn came to me, I talk to you, do not take you sister to!"I have friends in the back, off the iron gate, then back to the room lying next to her sister to sleep in。 Shuibao, of course I want to find friends Wengeqingchu。
Friends still very scared and said: "You know?1:00 I will stand up to the toilet, and people see your sister in dialogue, but also draw the feet than hands。 "I said:" You talk nonsense, and I slept with her, never heard her say even in your sleep。 "Friends said:" Why should I lie to you?You know, your sister sent a man and a woman's voice in the dialogue, but also the hand stretched upward, until Action。 I was too scared to move, but very Xiangshangcesuo。 I wanted while she was not looking, gently go to the bathroom, but as soon as I move, your sister would turn to look at me, voice and hands are stopped, and so I do not move, she lay back and turn positive, and start a conversation。 Later wait until 5:00, she was no movement, and I dare to call you。
Your sister than a ghost in the ghost still terrible!"Short ghost stories: a crush on since he came to this school, she was deeply attracted。
His Shensui with a dash of sad eyes, handsome face, brown skin, and eye teeth exposed when the brilliant smile, always hovering in her mind, play lingers, cut……But she was timid, but no one found only willing to hide in a corner secretly looked at him。 She loved him, deep down infatuated with him, she never dared to say, fear of being laughed at。
After a few days longer to graduate, once they leave the campus, she knew she would never see him again……。