How to obtain the trust between the children?The relationship between the parents the child is actually very subtle, though, is the closest person, but many children and parents lack confidence that you know how to get the trust between you and the child?Following small to talk with you exactly how to obtain the trust between children and。
How to obtain and trust between children "Trust is the glue of life, the most basic elements of effective communication is the basic principle of maintaining relationships。 "- Stephen Covey (1932-2012), the best-selling book" "the author of" High efficiency 7 people in the habit of not much more than something to let others take responsibility and let him know that you trust him more to help a person。 "- Booker Washington (1856-1915), an American writer and orator。
"Winning the trust and respect of their children better than flattery to get notoriety and the public."。 – Dennis Vitelli, best-selling author, "My parents do not trust me!"After" is a lie and deception, then how can I trust my daughter?"" When someone lets you take responsibility, for example, when family or work responsibilities, how do you want to?"My God!If I had heard the case, then I have heard 1000 times before。
How to obtain the trust between the child due to a minor, the parents no longer trust their children; children also lost the trust of parents。 Such things have occurred。
You will experience such a thing。 So, how do parents want?Angry young people will think?Focus on: Trust is a specific time and situation。
In other words, trust depends on the time and circumstances。
I asked and I work with young people: "do you trust your parents?"They often say 'no'。 When I asked them why, their answers are different。
Some said, "ah, they know me, ah, often lying", some say "No, my parents never had, and never will trust me because they are paranoid."。