Ticker on June 10, NBA Finals phone-renewed, revenge Miami home to 103-84 victory over the Spurs, will always tie 1-1。   Heat the "Big Three" is not eye-catching data, LeBron – James 7 of 17 shots, scored 17 points, eight rebounds and seven assists, he also steals three times, 3 blocked shots, Chris Bosh – 12 points 10 rebounds, Dwyane – Wade 13 shots 5, 6 assists, 10 points。 Teenager – Mario Chalmers scored a team-high 19 points, set Tougong。 – Ray Allen 5 from 3-pointers, had 13 points, Mike – Miller and Chris – Anderson each had 9 points。
Heat the audience voted 10 in 19 three-pointers。
  Spurs before 7 three-pointers in 10 shots, the audience voted 19 9。 Danny – Green 5 three-pointers vote 5, scored 17 points, Tony – Parker 13 points and five assists, Tim – Tim Duncan shot 3 of 13, had nine points and 11 rebounds, Cowie – Leonard 9 points and 14 rebounds。 Spurs reach the audience mistakes 16 times。
– Tracy McGrady for the first time in the NBA Finals debut, failed to score。
  Thrilling finals opener, Parker will be in the game at the end of an incredible shooting determines the outcome。
Heat lost at home, losing home-court advantage。
As the competition system is 2-3-2, the Heat today can no longer be room for error。
If two straight sets at home, then the next even play three away, almost can be said that the Heat sentenced to death。
  Public opinion before the game, agreed that the Spurs are a team of experienced and old, in fact, the Heat have nine people on the 30-year-old, and the Spurs only 6 people, and only GDP and Matt – Bonner has Finals experience, compared with them, but the Heat is "old and experienced" team。   After the terrible battle victory, the Spurs confidently, "We're enjoying the game," Parker said. "We enjoy every moment, do not think that what is taken for granted。 As it has been exactly six years (from the last finals)。 After playing the Grizzlies, we are all very excited。 "Parker was the Spurs wanted to create an image of an optimist, Heat forward Shane – Shane Battier will not buy it, 'do not believe them," Battier said, "They are a very competitive team, one second can not be Relax。 They are killers, if necessary, they will trample over you。 We are also the same。
"For the Heat, today is Shengsizhizhan。 But after the opening, but the Spurs like divine intervention, Green 3 3-pointers, the Spurs to 9-4 start。
Spurs audience on a mistake only four times, but 4 minutes ago Today mistakes twice, the Heat fight back。
The first section will be more than half, Chalmers then Wade pass, hit the third, the Heat only to fall behind 9-11。 Heat defense is very positive, especially after Anderson in strengthening the control of the rebounds, the score gradually beyond。 The first section there seconds, James hit in the cast, this is his first score。
James and Duncan both in this section are mediocre, James 4 1 vote, Duncan went 1 5。
  Soon Miller hit three-pointers in the second quarter after the start, but the Spurs third of God is more accurate, Neil and Ginobili hit three-pointers in succession after, in this section there are 7 minutes 25 seconds, the Spurs 34-29 lead, their 10 three-point shot 7 before the ball, very high hit rate of surprise。 Heat instead attacking the basket, Bosh and Anderson inside pass inside with the latter succeeded dunks, James and Chalmers has since been hit, in this section there are 4 minutes and 59 seconds, Allen third succeeded, the Heat to 39-38 go-ahead。 Keep up with a comparison, the Spurs turnovers ones today, the first section there are 4 times。
Heat is also good outside Chalmers in this section have 1 minute 33 seconds time and three hits, after which Wade break layup, the Heat to 50-45 halftime。
  Half-third of 4 Green 4, Spurs scored 12 points, Parker scored 10 points, it has been Leonard rebounds double。 James only 4 points, 6 points Bosh, Wade 10 minutes。   Green is still the fifth hit the third shot, after Leonard also succeeded long shot, in the third quarter and 7 minutes and 10 seconds, the two sides battle 56-56, the Spurs Trey reached a staggering 13 shots 9。 James adhere to their own style of play, and not to strengthen the attack, he also failed to get back the feeling, only 2 of 12 shots in front, Leonard's defense caused him a lot of trouble。 Fortunately, the Heat others doing well, can still compete with the Spurs, the two teams entered the third tug of war。 After the Spurs to 62-61 exceeded, the Heat shot still not in, but James grabbed offensive rebounds, Chalmers vote with a penalty scored 3 points, the Heat to 64-62 lead again。 This section last 3 minutes, the Spurs hit only one ball, the Heat force, Miller and Allen hit three-pointers in succession, after Chalmers' three-point play, "succeeded, the Heat to 75-65 through three quarters ended。
  Spurs reach 12 turnovers through three quarters, while the Heat only five times, and they paid the price for mistakes。
Heat wave 9-0 to start the fourth quarter, still in the game 9 minutes 19 seconds, Chalmers steals, James fast break, easy layup, the Heat to 84-65 lead。
  Spurs played three minutes in the fourth quarter after scoring for the first time, but they have been bogged down。 James assists Allen hit third again, they immediately steals succeeded, James frontcourt the ball unguarded, ending with a dunk, the Heat to 91-67 lead with 24 points。
  Spurs third hit rate has dropped, but there are still 9 of 16 shots, higher hit rate Heat, 8 of 14 shots in。
Three-point advantage after three quarters also cease to exist, the Spurs did not dare to hope for comeback Competition also 7 minutes 43 seconds, they pulled all the main, came in off the bench McGrady, etc.。
  James also hit a third, the Heat to 94-67 lead with 27 points。 Competition also 4 minutes and 58 seconds, the Heat also removed the main, become a foregone conclusion victory。 Competition also seconds, the Spurs once again hit the third, this is the only third of them in this section, but also long shot fired back immediately Battier。 McGrady then failed to open and he only shot one time, did not hit。   。