What common sense diet summer weather is very hot summer season, so a lot of people like to eat too much cold, in fact, this is wrong, then what summer diet of common sense and small series together to see the summer diet has introduced what it common sense!What a summer diet of common sense: Summer light-based diet summer diet to light, bitter cold, nutrient-rich, easy to digest food better, not to eat sticky foods, gastrointestinal obstruction, not too hungry fed。
The hot summer heat, high temperature wet weight, suffer the taste of food, you can Qingxie heat, they can spleen, increase appetite。 Summer sweat more easily Shangyin, sweating can eat acidic foods。
Two: summer diet should pay attention to the deployment of flour and rice and coarse grains to eat with, lean and dry to appropriate arrangements。
One weeks should eat three meals whole grains, lean with two thousand is appropriate, eat pasta, milk, lunch to eat cooked rice in the morning, eat porridge in the evening。
The preparation of meat or fish and vegetables should be reasonable, it should be summer vegetables, melons, beans and other vegetables, supplemented with meat or fish。 What summer summer diet of common sense, lean meat,, duck and fish and shrimp as well, the old man to fish, supplemented by lean pork, beef, duck, etc.。 Three: summer water loss and more, drink plenty of water in summer drink plenty of water, and warm water is better, cups of water a day to drink seventy-eight。
To keep the body retain moisture and add water, the water in the body plays a vital to make clear, to maintain the body's normal physiological function。