June 6 power in September 1975, the third year after Mexico established diplomatic relations, the Chinese government give a pair of giant pandas to the Government of Mexico – "Yingying" and "Babe", Mexico for the first time have their own panda。
In the efforts of the capital, Mexico City's Chapultepec Zoo, Mexico, the first generation Panda "Yingying" and 'Babe' under communism seven baby panda, which has become the most powerful 40 years overseas panda breeding capacity, "Couples "one。 Mexico pandas three generations of genealogy figure how amazing it?The researchers calculated mid-1964 to mid-1997, the average birth rate of giant panda breeding individuals according to "panda lineage 1997" and "birth and death report" for the Aberdeen / year。 In contrast, gather a group of gourd doll "Yingying" "Babe," the couple simply rolling leader +!Currently alive "seven baby" both already thirty-old data from this impressive can infer that the success of the giant panda couple flies very moist in Mexico。 That zoo in the end released a big move, keep the two national treasure so well?"Mystery food from ancient civilizations" To know that Mexico would have been no place bamboo。
That to secure these "Oriental visitors' adaptation to climate adaptation and Mexican food, breeders and researchers planted bamboo in the zoo every day from 15 kg in the selection of about 10 kilograms of bamboo for pandas eating bamboo。 Good baby not picky eaters, giant panda eating bamboo in addition to the daily diet also includes apples, rice, carrots and other food in there。
Romans eat something distinctive, so the recipes also joined the Mexican native cactus leaves。 Opuntia cactus country of origin on the markets in Mexico, the species is very rich。 In which the edible cactus, with not the same as we normally see in a flower market, beautiful big and thick, slashing the prickly skin, you can eat as a vegetable, stewed fried salad ages。
Magic cactus, national treasure eat, you eat。
"Both," the meal yoga "round spring also install air conditioning treatment stronger than people," Mexico City is located in the tropical highlands, little seasonal temperature, climate。 Xiao Bian had to work there, the office and residence have no air conditioning and, indeed, no such demand。
but!Or to the zoo panda installed air conditioning。
Miliyamu full-time care physicians in simulated blood, for such training everyday in order to simulate the real need for better cooperation Panda。 Giant Panda Pavilion has a laboratory and activity monitoring room, and equipped with specialized breeders and veterinarians to each panda, giant panda behavior 24-hour tracking and physiological changes。
Elegant pandas living environment, indoor air conditioning。
Elias breeder to "Showtime" apples to feed favorite。
In 1987, "Yingying" and "Babe" gave birth to "both", three years later, their granddaughter "Showtime" came to this world。 Elias and Joel as a breeder, has more than ten years to take care of these two pandas。
Staff said that although they are old, but good overall state。 "Both" Although nearly 30 years old, but the "appetite" is still not small, although usually quiet, but likes to interact with people, very friendly。 "Both" meal in a daze "Showtime" ability to learn, but some see the stranger stage fright。
Miliyamu to "Showtime" measure heart rate in Mexico City zoo three-dimensional total principal 克劳迪娅莱 said that with the development of the Internet, Chapultepec Zoo panda breeding breeding experience exchange with the rest of the world, including China, the United States, Spain and other countries to build a shared database zoo panda around the world。
"I hope to have the opportunity to go to China to see more Panda" June 3, 7-year-old Jose Diego Hernandez won Mexico the fourth "I imagined China" Children's Painting Competition Junior group champion。 Winning this year's competition theme is "Panda, Mexico Friendship Envoy"。
Jose drew a panda is playing on the lawn, because his favorite Panda "Showtime" soon will celebrate 27th birthday。 Entries Jose children's acceptance speech was: "I hope to have the opportunity to go to China to see pandas more。 "On that day, representatives of Chinese Ambassador Qiu Xiaoqi in the direction of Mexico Chapultepec Zoo awarded 'Friendship Ambassador Award'。 China Giant Panda Protection Research Center also affirmed by and grateful for the work done by the Mexican side。 (Xinhua international public micro-channel number) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。