”Ah, he won the prize, best actor.”
  ”I knew, I certainly row son!”Qin father Yipaitaitui, eat pain grimace in pain, old pregnant greatly relieved, happy face, if not the relationship between the daughter and her husband not to go whatever, he was anxious to send a circle of friends tell the world, yes, he still has things to do, Qin father head down, he took out his cell phone, send voice began: “Naochun, Congratulations!You it would be to honor the national fight, my father proud of you!Let the family are happy for you!”He glanced around, while no one noticed, quietly put his collection of several that what” Do not sink the moment of failure, success awaits you!” ‘Paid off, the best is always behind’ similar to the tit北京夜网le of the article give all deleted, since have won the prize, that have no access to comfort.
  Qin mother a white husband, also followed sent a voice blessed tightly clutch the daughter, she was glad to head!
  ”Dad won the prize!”Qinxing Yang did not take long before it stopped, ran out of breath too long, he identified杭州桑拿 the man on the screen is the father, jumped up with excitement,” My dad is the most powerful, long live!”He seemed a little shell, rushed to the top of the screen that, reached out to touch my father.
  ”Xing Yang, come back, and my father would say the acceptance speech.”Qin Siya choked shout son back, a wonderful reflection of the pier chubby arms, mother and son quietly looked at the front, but this time, Pei Naochun finally reached the center of the stage, holding the trophy, he began talking awards pre-prepared lines –
  Qin Siya some regret, regret did not properly learn English, she had to admit that she did not understand her husband’s acceptance speech, etc. can only wait to see the translation, but fortunately, no one will, her husband began talking about the Chinese:
  ”I can stand in this position, not only because o南宁夜网f my efforts, but also because of the people behind me, whether it is family, fans, co