Qin mother though not read, can understand her, she quickly woke grandson: “Xing Yang, your father to come out!”
  Qinxing Yang opened hi南宁桑拿s eyes in confusion, then being broadcast to the short-listed candidates, Pei Naochun face appeared opposite, he immediately escaped grandmother and grandfather’s hands, nervously spinning up at the table: “To award yet?To award yet?”He still knows what awards, kindergarten teacher will give the most obedient children each year awards, he won a return, but also know that this is very important to my father – he wanted to, and my father should want to be obedient to do the most to boast of adults it?
  ”You do not turn!”Qin Siya son could not help but get angry red, star Yang has been in lap, she stared at the screen, heart more and more agitated, was transferred almost dizzy.
  ”I am nervous!”Qinxing Yang was my mother such a call, very wronged in situ high leg up, then willy-nilly, to continue to run up, like this is not the苏州桑拿 same tension.
  Qin Siya not a superstitious person, but this time he began to regret – in fact, I should go to the temple to worship and, chances are there with, and now think it was too late, seeing that the guests of honor depends on the envelope card her nervous eyes closed, hands clasped –
  She could understand the pronunciation of Qin Siya opened his eyes, the lens is locked in the Pei Naochun body, the people around him and being hugged, cheered for him, obviously just a moment, tears alreadyIt was down, she knew he worked hard for this award number, and finally the fitness results, but also to count them lose weight slightly morbid state, stay up late to get up early every day, except for the time to accompany the family, give all the work – he got his due s return.
  ”Siya, is not winning the Naochun?”Qi深圳桑拿网n mother hurried patting not say anything, the daughter-in-law to see the stage, but is