Awards ceremony to be long and boring 广州桑拿网than imagined, even living in them, I do not feel time flies.
  ”Siya, now where were awarded?”Qin mother took glasses, squinting look to the future, Qin Siya opened the projector, put the online broadcast, no subtitles, they are not good at English, can only advance on the shining handwritten order awarding a single point of view.
  ”I have not come yet.”Qin Siya English in general, this is done in order to learn some time early education to his son, but one that quickly, it is unlikely reaction came, she got a bad feeling anxious, but did not dare say, in just, “Queer genius” has been two batter, best original screenplay and best editing, failed to get.
  Interspersed with a lot of awards also, what is the best live action short film, best cinematography, best music such as, Qin Siya nervous succeeded clutching pillow, afraid to look away, for fear of missed appearances.
  Qinxing Yang do not understand, it sounds is scanty, have been hypnotized half a small head a little bit, if not clutching my grandfather, he sent did not fell down.
  ”How not to do.”Qin father look quite seriously, struggling to find their own son in the crowd, every t上海夜网ime to see, should make a fuss about it.
  ”Arrived!”Qin Siya continue to pay attention to the bills, repeatedly refresh the reviews, online real-time translation, after a lengthy award, and finally to the best actor, the guests of honor on top, gabbled a Chase, fa