”There is, who some time ago that t广州桑拿he public get married, your friend also help you to test the waters, and with a few large accounts powder made quite a few articles, which means they want you to have a happy family life, I specifically looked at a few circle, fans of all kind of positive evaluation, your career appeared to have been higher, they are also able to look at the reason.”He and my heart is some small sigh, if there is such a trend a few years ago, and perhaps do not have to hide the truth for so long.
  ”Ah, or according to plan.”Pei Naochun nod,” but also almost to the time.”He has to do everything almost done, no need to continue to drag down.
  ”Row.”Xiao He nervously clasped hands, she prayed objects than today’s awards, as well as the upcoming public.
  Pei Naochun to participate in the awards show has a lot of experience, he and his crew join together in the rear, down from the car together, then ready for anything, with the release of the movie, he was the foreign media, is already a familiar faces, but also the scene of many Chinese, are a rare finalists came all the way support.
  Last generation, the original body until the late forties, it was nominated北京夜网 for the first time, from best supporting actor to best actor, he went for a decade, but added enough in this life to advance.
  Intense glittering, almost blinded dignitaries, after taking photographs, admission is neat, many nominations the film obtained from the best director, best actor to best original score, for a total take six nominations, but the crew of people all doors clear, there are many to see the game, Xuanfa Gong Division will Mou enough strength to invest in public relations for best actor and best film.
  The approach is based on the position of the crew to do separate, Pei Naoch