”Yes ah, but then, my father often still have to go home, because my father does not come home, and you will want to be a mother!”
  Qinxing Yang thought for a moment, his hands to block the mouth, whispered: “In fact, do not have to work so hard, just as I do not want to class the same day, dad can often go home!”He’s still young, yet no desire to survive, I saw a Qin Siya raised his eyebrows, gently pinch pinch his son’s little face.
  ”It seems that you are not concerned about my mother, I do not know how you secretly want to do truancy?”
  ”It’s a little bit.”Qinxing Yang do not feel pain, ingratiating smile, rubbed his finger, he said he was a little studious teenager.
  Behind the Qin father leaned over, he cleared his throat: “Come evening, glory for the country!”He do not understand foreign awards, anyway, to get abroad, are the glorious struggle for national.
  ”Naochun, we support you at home!”Qin mother also made a fist gesture,” S都市兔兔体验网iya fiddle projector in it, and so we see you accept the award together.”
  ”Well, I will refuel, rest assured you.”He was very patient, careful answer.
  Qin Siya not interrupted, looking at a gentle person speaking, her eyes water: “My husband, I’ll wait for you at home, I believe you can do it.”
  ”Will do.”Pei Naochun answer, quite firmly, the film great hope, whether or Xuanfa Gong Division movie star wing have been making a lot of effort, public relations costs are also paid out a lot.
  Hang up the phone, his face still full of tender.
  Li Jie did not hold back, smiled and quipped: “There are so happy you?”Her every day and how small are being forcibly fed dog food, which was not open yet, and so publicly, and they estimate will be able to eat alone eat dog food.
  ”Yes, I am very happy every day.”
  ”Pei brother, let’s 北京SPA会所open it as planned?”He Ganggang full of little miss are the awards, which under suddenly remembered another major