”Dad super nice evening!”Lackey Qinxing Yang took t杭州桑拿洗浴he lead thumbs up,” particularly handsome.”
  Qin Siya gently took her son and whispered mantra: “You just are not ready yet and mother said?To my father said and what was it?”She carefully guided her son.
  Qinxing Yang remembered: “My father is going to take the best actor of the evening, my dad is the best南宁桑拿!”He came a seal clapping, a little afraid of hand pain.
  ”My husband, my son and I believe you will be a!”Her son and rehearse a few times, she vanguard some tangled, not to say a few words, even if not get the prize, mother and two of them are also proud to speak like him, but was forcibly suppressed Qin father, he insisted, it years to be a good sign, how can I just say.
  ”it is good.”Pei Naochun should smile, holding out a hand grasping,” I caught what it?”
  ”.air!”Qinxing Yang raised their hands Responder.
  ”No, you and my mother gave me lucky.”Pei Naochun fist attached to the heart,” to receive your lucky, I think tonight will be able to get awards.”
  Qinxing Yang cocked his head, inspiration, followed grab a little, little fists tightly: “Daddy, guess what I caught?”
  ”Think Dad.”Pei Naochun own son did not expect to learn so f杭州夜网论坛ast, and sometimes intimidated,” caught my father gave you lucky?”
  ”No, Dad guess again.”
  ”Right or wrong.”Qinxing Yang was tinkling Joseph, also posted a small fist in his heart, giggled,” I caught my mother and father to love it!”
  Pei Naochun by its own self-taught skills sweet son to laugh, he sent a kiss: “Want Daddy?Dad went home two days.”He more than a year, basically to maintain the frequency of once a month to two months back home, stay at home every forty-five days.
  Qinxing Yang first nodded and shook his head: “Xiangyebuxiang, I want my father to go home with me, but they know, and my father is a very powerful, great people to work hard on the outside!Like I have t