That’s not all, his private investment “genius Queer” It was an independent film, but sent Film Festival began, they acclaimed story of a game being planned out of balance, balance both ends , stood a genius, and one hundred mortal, they were standing on both ends of the scale, but it can just hold the balance, and nod endles南宁桑拿s flames, when one rises, the other will fall flames, burning Scots do, the movie begins here, on the right to choose the country in the hands of the people – you are going to save a man of genius ability to change the world, or to save one hundred mortal?Pei Naochun play is one of the genius, by virtue of his movie acting, nominations and won two Film Festival best actor award.
  After his award, the film was immediately promising film companies, investment declared fat, officially released in North America, after sweeping the box office and reputation progressive layers, and today, their destination, is the world’s top movie awards, Oscars who, by virtue of his film, was nominated for best actor.
  After there is not short distance, plus the red carpet of the relative position he was placed by Pei Naochun sizing up time is also enoug苏州夜网h, he picked up the phone, dialed the phone skillfully, Li Jie Xiao He and understanding smile, guess who this is, distinguished from their eyes, do not bother Pei Naochun and family time.
  The road, “I am now ready to go.”Pei Naochun lift your phone to show a suit and makeup carefully arrange their hair carefu天津夜网lly selected today to the lens that person,” To be honest, quite nervous, do not know can not achieve the desired results.”
  Li Jie did not hold back, rolled his eyes, most clearly is that you do not tense.
  Appears on the screen, is to hold together the