She obviously buoyant tone, say the words but with a biting freezing cold, people listen alarmed.

Chapter (including the announcement v) 15
  Lin Kuang-hua on the forehead This great big beads of sweat rolling down, he was not ignorant of this woman’s own wife, Ruan old little girl said, sentence reasonable, even Ruan old girl did not crash, but they can n北京洗浴网ot cover up their own daughter Nguyen rain river push things.
  If careful study, still in their responsibility.
  In the extended forward to, if really let the police put on record, and the ability to Ruanguo Hua county, wants to bribe people under the above is easy, and his captain’s position is likely to retain his job.
  All but a few momentary thing, later had a choice, Lin Kuang-hua stability of the steady himself, to beat the horse a slap big sister’s face, “you ignorant woman, but a child to see the slapstick, even by sudden you to such a big thing, Barbara is a disgrace my family forests face!”
  He would not finish, they turned around to see the rain Nguyen, look kindly smile, “ah rain!You are wrong, then pass aunt, this middle sudden such a big thing, the Fang Fang is the child we did not Guanjiao Hao, Zhi Wen also learned reasonable!”
  Ruan Zhiwen, “Huh.”This style seems a bit wrong ah!
  Nguyen rain nodded earnestly, “since it is slapstick among children, say that all is well!”
  Seeing to major issues to minor ones, square Guyu crazy cry in my heart, not ah!This is wrong ah!They obviously reasonable to discuss, how to become an apology!
  No都市体验网t work!
  She suffered injuries not white.
  Look Fang Yang Lin Gu Yu to help book, she sowed own swollen into a pig’s face, delicate and charming road, “Young book, my face, my face how to do ah??”Lin Yang This sentiment also book some wrong, like square Guyu heard speak, Fang Guyu Anhen mind, make per