”.So they have loved?I was a bit chaotic heart.”
  ”In my understanding of Naochun brother, so that the eyes, he must be very concerned about her right?Compared to some circles toget都市兔兔体验网her have a couple of speculation CP, to be honest, I’d prefer another half-brother Naochun low-key look, do not pull his hind legs in a critical moment.”
  ”plus one.”
  Richie looked at this late one night, and she strayed into a lot of “cult” fans as the main UP from the first video to see the last video, another sweeping through all the comments, the Pro to sleep, she had touched CP into the ultra-fresh creation, then found the organization.
  In the dream, she murmured: “spring fever is really.”
  Black nanny car, Xiao they nervously clasped his hands, her eyes closed, muttering incantations, are crammed, place of prayer: “Blessed Pei brother awards, winners must!”
  Pei Naochun was amused: “We’re now at the boundary of God, who seek bless you in it?”
  What little silence, and quickly clasped hands: “Hallelujah, Amen,深圳桑拿网 Lord ah, let Pei brother winning it at night!”
  Li Jie has been sitting in the passenger seat of the eyes closed, her heart door clear, in fact, put a calm myself, what can this small hodgepodge of different ways of prayer so she can not help laughing: “Well, we do not say good , and revel it?”
  In fact this how can revel.
  Pei Naochun this year, almost personal compressed to the extreme, he only take into account the care of the family, has not forgotten hard to develop their own film industry career, every day, to be a trapeze artist, coming and going, all was Li Jie worried about his accident.
  Fortunately, it pays off.
  His supporting role as part of the “Agni Legends 2” is the traditional Hollywood movies, bursting with special effects, plot, although simple and elegant stand, after release, it gains the summer box office champion, was released in the country a month ago, but now they plus field has again and again, he