] Raptors in the second half collapse。 Del Mar – Carroll 15 minutes, Yunus – Varin Qiuna Si 14 9 rebounds, Kyle – Lowry only 4 of 14 shots, 10 points and 10 assists, DeMar – DeRozan 13 shot 3, eight points。 Corey off the bench – 15 points Joseph。
  Since the 2000-01 season, the Raptors have never won a playoff series。 As long as they cross the border again, we can dream that ends, but in the second half they failed to withstand the onslaught of walkers。   Walker facing elimination situation, after the opening played very nervous before the vote only 1 in 8, moving the ball on offense is also very smooth。 After the Raptors to seize the opportunity to start a wave of 14-4, the Pacers played the game for nearly six minutes, only one shot。
In this section there are 2 minutes and 56 seconds, the Raptors 22-11 lead with 11 points, but then they failed to score again。 Solomon – Hill hit three-pointers, the Pacers to a wave of 9-0 end of this section, only to fall behind 20-22。   Joseph hit consecutive three-pointers to start the second quarter, the Raptors in turn opened the gap。
This section also 9 minutes and 27 seconds, Lori hit the vote, leading the Raptors to 30-22。 Pacers finally force, Turner continuous shooting, after they hit a wave of 8-0 to tie the game quickly。 Raptors failed to hit a ball in four minutes, but then also still 8-0, after-thirds vote in Carroll, they lead to 40-32。
Walker tenacious counterattack, only the first half to 40-44 behind。
  George first half, shot just 6 1, 43 Pacers team shot 14, in second-chance points, the Raptors 14-6 to prevail。   The second half, the Pacers suddenly found the feeling。 Shortly after the start of the third quarter, Turner-thirds vote, they played 7-0 to 47-46 ahead, this is the first time the Pacers lead the audience。
After the two sides battle 50-50, the Pacers broke out again, shot a wave of 11-3, after more than half of this section, the Pacers lead to 61-53。
Within 4 minutes and 30 seconds, only one ball Toronto。 Finally narrow the gap to 1 point, but this section of the final 65 seconds Pacers scored four points, 71-64 to end the first three quarters。
  Pacers in the third quarter to strengthen the defense, single with 31-20 win。 Nevertheless, headed generals Paul – George still did not find touch, he and George – Hill two of a total of 17 shots in only 4。   George finally force in the fourth quarter, after the beginning of this section, he succeeded twice in the basket, and then Stuckey-thirds vote, the Pacers playing along。 This section there are 9 minutes 49 seconds, with a fine cast Turner scored 3 points, Walker complete attack wave 12-0 to 83-64 ahead 19 minutes。
After the Raptors twice blocked shots, repeatedly shot, played in this section for nearly five minutes, it was the first time they score。
  Competition also 7 minutes 13 seconds, Lori hit the third, it was their first score in this section。
Pacers a big lead still can not relax, and Turner hit a ball, even after they scored four points to 87-67 ahead 20 points。   Walker succeeds like success, Solomon – Starkey Hill and since then have hit the third, the Pacers shot a wave of 10-0, in game 3 minutes 09 seconds to 97-69 ahead 28 points。 The outcome of lost suspense, the Raptors had to give up, take down all the main。
  Pacers beat a retreat in preparation for last Shengsizhizhan。