”She was not only his drama in the small junior sister apprentice, or his reality’s younger generation, in the interviews, he always affectionately called her, junior sister apprentice, come.”This place, it is a large double-standard on-site, the video player is the company’s other younger Pei Naochun polite but alienated attitude.
  ”Every time he spoke so quietly she always looked at him like he should have in mind every word to heart.”
  ”When every time she spoke, he always carefully, whenever a lit南宁桑拿tle overwhelmed, or say the wrong thing, they immediately come forward, for her to take words.”
  ”Join the nearly two decades, he has never been so careful to treat a person, just look at her and be able to laugh out loud.”In the” Sword Mountain “released footage, there are some small junior sister apprentice NG, far, he doubled up laughing looking smile full of legible Chongni.
  ”I think they have loved.”
  Richie stared at the last point subtitles the end, this video altogether on 15 minutes, it will be able to read, they have brainwashed her instantly, if it is false, then what can be true it?
  Time has come to the point, obviously to the rest of the time, she grabbed the phone loose not open hand, nod saw a pile of “Sherlock Holmes” is desperately digging –
  ”I wonder if there like Naochun relatively long spring rolls, do not kno上海夜网w if you remember, Qin Siya birthday is January 15, has one year of the awards show on this day, the day Naochun leave early the first time, small thinking extreme fear, usually no matter how busy, he will be until the last.”
  ”.Complex on-line mood old spring rolls, Naochun early years of interviews, say they like to eat heavy emphasis on spicy Sichuan cuisine, until the beginning of a given year, all of a sudden say they like vegetarian, light diet, and now want.”
  ”Then I said, it’s a more magical, a list of concerns Naochun there are a lot of people, after all, he is good karma we all know things can only focus on the fiv