At the moment 淡水桑拿surging heart, irrepressible, Richie did not hold back, go back and want to see Youmo comment, but saw nod a lot of people say, open your personal space UP Lord, like a new world opened up, she hastened to open the place, no matter just last a commitment to an open, she found the name of the guardian ROCKETS UP main personal space full of spring fever CP video, there are costume, modern, all high heat, fear of her choice disease it again, quietly opened the place a player of the highest amount – [cult CP: Sichun] they had together, you do not know one hundred drip.
  She opened it, and found, on top of already full barrage – “spring fever is really!Can not refute.”” Cycle 5 times, I never thought diehard spring rolls, I actually did not these archeological.”” That year, we loved each other once, in tears.”” Two, all the people want th广州桑拿网em together!”.
  And so on, what is this rhythm?Richie did not get to know, how is that really the?Progress video can be regardless of her mind, along with the video progress bar forward Sahuan run, Richie idea of mind was completely rebuilt and subversion.
  The video and that just is not the same, the intercept广州桑拿ion of non-drama full of fragments, such as promotional activities, reporting activities and a variety of interviews, with particular attention to the two men looked and spoken words.
  ”Before filming the drama, every time a reporter asked about his ideal object, always said he has not thought of, can be after the end of the drama, every interview until today, he is telling everyone that he likes the gentle , kindness, love like a baby’s hair, skinny white girl.”When the broadcast to this, UP Lord also quite intimate accompanied by other members of the crew of the evaluation of