”She, come yet?”In the ge杭州夜网ntle tempting soundtrack, full magnetic male voice appears, the camera switches, has just found that the bow of the boat, is there a straw hat with a white Shaoxia, straw hat pressed down, only to see things clearly appealing his jaw lip lines and brought back.
  Music accelerates, the girl wandering on the shore, suddenly came behind him with a smile male voice: “small junior sister apprentice, here I come.”
  A small junior sister apprentice back, just the tension has disappeared, leaving only full of joy, she delicately lips, excited voice with much, if any: “Brother, you come!”I stood across from her, just down from the ship Shaoxia, he took off his hat, revealing a Fengshen handsome, looks picturesque face, dignitaries fascinated, at first sight, is the case.
  ”He is my brother, best brother the whole world.”Girl Huaichun, shy voice, screen switching, is a young child apprenticeship together, along with their teachers told sword, too tired to cry hard little girl with grass fold out toys to make her happy boy.
  ”She is the hearts of others Limbo sword, in my mind, she was just my little junior sister apprentice.”In memory of the brot苏州夜网hers, always a delicate package small junior sister apprentice, when he wanted out of the mountains, as he secretly invited peace symbol, while no one noticed stuffed his clothes.
  Along with the music, full of a section of the screen –
  Smart naughty little junior sister apprentice lesson wicked, chivalric, brothers secretly followed behind, escort.
  Junior sister apprentice crouched riverside difficult to catch fish, also clumsy to fish broiled brothers sitting on a branch, drinking quietly with her.
  Eventually becoming a senior in the side, a small junior sister apprentice frowned leaning against the window, with people I do not know the pigeon did not stop to say, she said: “You have to help me send a letter to the brothers, if not to, I’ll bake eat.”Pigeon flying air, through the bambo