She weekdays most like to see “Video Images” on the B station – This refers to the UP main good clip, clip will appear in various movies and television clips pasted together, accompanied by music, and with the appropriate topic , such as what costume handsome group portrait, group portrait in Europe and America fall into this category, so she recommended in the home, often full of similar video clips.
  Richie brush with a mobile phone, a little sleepy, just half an hour ago, and she had once said to myself, look at the last video on the bed – of course, this statement is often not comprehensive and balanced, she always had numerous final finger down t南宁桑拿he dial, it is recommended to refresh the home, she noticed that the top of the most recommended videos, Sichun CP, this is what?She knew the cover of the white boy, Pei Naochun many years ago, shot a movie, stills of the year, so far have often been used as Amway out to fans, after the point in, she glanced homeopathic Profile –
  ”X Naochun Pei Qin Siya, that year being a teenager, you love, I intend, infinite love, love to commemorate that year shallots.”
  Etc., which Qin Siya who is the name of a familiar ring to it?Richie remember, silently click play, then unconsciously mouth open.
  An ink interlude, amidst dense like filters, hazy color, one a boat, a piece of the mountains, the clear cold.
  ”I want to see that I’d love to see people.”Crisp soft female voice sounded faint, a pair of bright eyes appeared, slender eyelashes se北京桑拿em to be blowing in the wind, then the nose, mouth, appears in the center of the screen, is wearing a red costume Woman girl, she was obviously dressed valiant, but the hands are clenched, even with Jiansui are trembling slightly, her nervous dignitar