Jealousy, people turned nasty.
  Lu Jianxun shaking Ji Ling, “their relationship can not withstand the ravages of it too, it is a lie revolutionary friendship?”
  Male youth write a brow lift Lu Jianxun eye, “Jianxun comrades, your focus is not wrong, Comrade Liu Mengmeng interesting for your brother, you深圳桑拿网 should not do it outraged to find her confrontation?”The name under the guise seduce people back to the city, Liu Mengmeng pies sickening.
  ”There is nothing confrontation?She just said lies, are not cheated, nor do I lose nothing ah brother.”No matter how Liu Mengmeng efforts Luming Wen and her office will not object, since the o深圳桑拿网bject does not exist at any hurt to see each other as if angry was not, Lu Jianxun patted him on the shoulder,” grudges against revenge injustice newspaper injustice, your own thing themselves, do not unrelated people dragged ah, I still do talk to you later ah.”
  Male youth lengleleng, heart and said what he did not deceived ah, but Liu Mengmeng gas lie only, opened his mouth to explain two, Lu Jianxun already bulging chest gone.
  At this time, next door came”What little admiration, just as the surging water, she can not imagine, but where people are so patient, a word a word to pull, carefully adjusted, to come up with a whole song.
  ”And this, he was in the spring of paintings, particularly high yield, are drawing every day, painted plate technology is particularly severe, we heard that there are advertisers cooperation北京夜网, please go to her to help you draw printed on the bottles it!Do not penny each other directly for free.”
  He does not like a little thirsty, it read several accounts, all of them have been in the circle Pei Naochun break a name, high-speed, high-quality professiona