She wants the kind of son a chance Lu Dewen, Xue Huahua even despise?Really dead than popular.
  Fortunately, she has grandchildren can look forward to great treasure their hard effort, admitted to the junior high school is not a problem.

Chapter 64 Need for 南宁桑拿mother
  Lu Jianxun back to the production team when no rain, and after the harvest, the fields withered flowers, filling the depression, when after a youth room, he saw some chat educated youth sitting under the eaves, ranging from his ears listen , voice screeching halt, looked up, a few male youth cheeky embarrassing looked at him, “Jianxun comrades, you come back from where ah?”
  Lu Jianxun sent to school when the West is taking the bottom bamboo, youth room, people did not pay attention to how, suddenly look Lu Jianxun back from that direction, my heart somewhat surprised.
  ”West to send to school, and you do chat.”In accordance with usual character Lu Jianxun, they would definitely want to ask is not to say bad things about myself, otherwise good Bu Zhisheng sudden loud noise, but they have things to do, and they do not want theories, ask about it later, so he random greeting two just sentence.
  And this comes on the copies, the other basically say is that you can end the conversation.
  Happens, there is a text looks frail weak male youth came out, he mysteriously pulled into a cross, Lu Jianxun brow wrinkled throw off his hand, “ye?”He would深圳桑拿网 also like to return home to practice playing tofu does not have time with them in eight repetitious Hello, bluntly asked,” Is there anything I can do to help?”
  ”Hush.”The other made a silencing gesture, listened side head movement next door, pointing next door and whispered,” Comrade Liu Mengmeng situation at home you know?”
  Lu Jianxun know why Liu Mengmeng home what we all know it is not the case, parents are the unit supply food to eat, and soon retired, persuaded