Old Ruan though not bad, but compared to the Lin family has a great captain, a village seven or weak Pass a length of.
  Ruanzhi Wen also argue something, but rain Nguyen pulled Ruan ZhiwenHand, since her brother she did not know when to do so much for her, then she would be protected by a brother,
  Ruan rain, his 杭州夜网face wearing a smile, but that smile does not reach the eyes, if a closer look, you can see the eyes of a cold, she simply ignored the horse big sister, to look at the body when the family Lin Kuang-hua this, “Lin captain you read the book, you must have some knowledge of legal knowledge, called yesterday’s large square Guyu lied to me to soak depression son, and I push Lin Fangfang river, Fang Guyu an accomplice, but the mastermind Lin Fang is.
  And I do this party!Almost, they were killed, I luckily escaped, but did not want to let harm me, if I complain to this murder to the county, police say you will not be let seven comrades Pass village investigation?And you wore the captain of this post but condone murder their own children, your captain jobs also secure it??”
  Ranging Lin Kuang-hua answer, Ruan rain smiled, but this 天津夜网laughter is facing the big sister of a horse, with a bit sincere, “Mrs. name of the first captain also secure it?Oh!Look at my memory, not to mention the lady captain, estimate your family’s forests Fang Fang to go to jail, eat Lao Fan!”Here, Nguyen Ba rain hit the next mouth,” If I remember correctly, this year only seventeen Lin Fangfang it!Good life, who unfortunately!The second half should sit in a hole!”
  Sit in a hole a few words, said Nguyen rain Kang Qiang strong, with an ineffable momentum, the big sister to scare the horses are quite pale, her color change of position Li stubble, “you off to nonsense!You did a fiscal, two had life, our family Fang Fang where the murder??”
  And Lin Yang Lin Fangfang book two children are the lifeblood sister Martha.