Five tofu replace it with a pencil to his ability, but also not a few days to put West semester with a pencil to get ready?
  ”Yes, Liu treasure it?Ye do not see their brothers?”
  Liu Dabao really, must not let outsiders fields, looking for him for tofu is good too.
  Lu rock disdain lift the eyelid lift, “he had to go to school, school to listen to people who say they are the first brothers to school, and so杭州龙凤网metimes did not open the door to the school they went to the.”
  Some people fear the summer school winter vacation to the campus trouble, deliberately opened doors in the evening and so the students have left the school to lock up early in the morning when the re-opening, Liu Bao Xian cheat Sungui going to school homework, very early to the school, in fact, they are going to school to play tofu.
  Liu Bao studious thing they have to listen to Sun Gui Xian Lu Jianxun said, his earnestness to land Rock said, “You also learn to treasure them big, final exam for a good result out.”
  Lu rock gas, “Lu tetra, they did not go to school it is playing tofu, Tai Po and his classmates they play, lost a lot, just this week lose two pencils up.”Liu Dabao older than their large, usually do not like to 杭州桑拿play with them, act play with his class, but since the people too much, Liu Bao quickly lose money to buy a pencil.
  ”is it?”Lu Jianxun raised an eyebrow, loss Sungui cents praised Liu Dabao than roosters dog bed early than late, turned out to play go, his meaningful smile, say hello big guy with the bear in his footsteps, he took them nearly copy the way to school, two teams have film production houses is very focused, do not know the way it is easy to go wrong, Lu Jianxun great care of the children’s feelings, desperately urging him on the mouth, does not go real fast.
  Mighty team, but also add to the mix the middle of many students, angered people on both sides of the trail that Lu Jianxun a school teacher, I asked to know