Do you have a favorite among your close friends? Usually when you see him, do you feel shy and dare not look him in the eye?? Have you ever imagined the scene after you were together, and perhaps have you ever thought of confessing to him, then how successful is your confession in 2018?? Test it and you will know. Let’s make a Questions together! 1、. You will take a cosmetic bag to go out? Will it depend on the situation 2,. When you are free, you often get together with friends.? Often not occasionally 3,. How is your speech ability?? Is it good or not?. You have many heterosexual friends? Many of them are not good.. When your partner is in a bad mood, you will? Staying around silently and comforting by words, watching the occasion 6,. You always like to use the cold war to solve problems.? Do you like watching object 7,. What kind of confession do you expect most? Face to face online can be 8,. How do you rate your appearance? 80 years old, 50 years old, 9 years old,. Do you pay more attention to external beauty or internal beauty? External beauty and internal beauty all pay attention to 10. When you meet someone you like, you will? It is not clear that you are shy and dare not approach him voluntarily. A. The success rate of your confession in 2018 is 90%. You are a very good person originally. He noticed you before you confessed with the person you like. However, you have always liked him silently and dare not approach him. In fact, he has always admired you from the bottom of his heart in inside. Therefore, if you plan to summon up courage to speak your mind in 2018, you can basically get the results you want, and you will have a tacit understanding with each other. It is not tiring to get along with each other. Therefore, your confession for the next year.. B, the success rate of your confession in 2018 is 70% in 2018 and 70% in 2018. although your confession may not necessarily win the heart of the other party, your chances of success are still very high. you have been quietly accompanying him as a friend for a long time, and sometimes he will feel your different eyes. at this stage, you may lack some chances to spark off sparks. try to ask him several times and show yourself more in front of him, so that your feelings can be warmed up! C. Your success rate of confession in 2018 is 50% of that in 2018. Your success rate of confession is only half of that in 2018. In particular, you are a person who is impulsive in doing things. Most of the time you choose to confess to the other party when you are not sure how you feel about the other party. At this time, most people will think it is very sudden. After all, you have not known each other for a long time and you do not know each other very well. At this time, your sudden confession is likely to scare the other off.! D. Your success rate of confession in 2018 is 30%. Your success rate of confession in the next year is not very high, only 30%. If you are not especially eager to fall in love, you should wait and see if you really like the person around you, so as not to abandon the other person after confession. Too often your excessive enthusiasm will scare the other person away. What you need to do is to spend more time on adding value to yourself instead of just thinking and making impulsive decisions.. Re-answer the original article of First Constellation. Please contact the website management if reprinted, otherwise it will be regarded as infringement..