You always feel uneasy when facing the person you like, but thank you. Do you really know that you like thank you? Thank you. Can you really feel your love for thank you? Will the thank you you like all the time be the same for you?? You may be accompanying the teaching assistant as a friend now, but have you ever thought that you are just one person away from this step?? Let’s see if the people you like in 2018 will care about you.? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s be a Questions together.! 1、. Do you basically live alone all year round? Yes, not on holidays. I will go home and live with my family.. Do you force yourself to like what you like because of the person you like?? Will it depend on the situation 3,. Do you think your home is clean? It’s clean and messy. It’s okay, at least not dirty.. Do you think you are different from others?? I have always thought so. I have never thought so. 5.. Do you have some good habits? Yes, there are no bad habits no, they are all bad habits, bad habits, good habits 6,. Are you very attentive to the person you have a crush on?? Yes, it’s not that I don’t know if I am very diligent.. Do you like to smell some strange smell? I like it very much. I don’t like it or not. I don’t know what a strange smell is.. Do you think you are a schemer? Yes, do you get along with everyone? I compare M’Dahna to see who they are.. Do you feel high when you take a bath?? Yes, or not often. I can’t accept that sometimes 10. Do you have any heterosexual objects you like? Have you ever wondered whether you like it or not? A. The person you like in 2018 will definitely care about you. Congratulations! The person you like will definitely care about you in 2018.. You like to thank you for a long time, in fact thank you also secretly like you for a long time, just don’t know how to express their feelings for you.. Thank you not only for your attention, but also for your existence. Perhaps I thank myself for secretly fantasizing about being with you in private.. Accept this feeling! B, the person you like in 2018 should be attentive to you. the person you like is not very good at expressing thanks. now thanks may have objects, but in fact thanks still care about you, only the reality does not allow thanks to be with you, or thanks are struggling with whether to be with you.. Thank you will not show, but thank you will show in some details.. Thank you. I still care about your thoughts. I just don’t know how to express it to you.. C, 2018 The person you like may care about you in 2018. The person you like may care about you in 2018, but the possibility is very small.. The person you like is a little casual to you. although you will find that sometimes this person will care about you, but sometimes it is very cold to you.. In fact, this is just your spare wheel for thanks.. If you take the initiative to find a teaching assistant, the teaching assistant will be neither cold nor hot. if you don’t find a teaching assistant, the teaching assistant will take the initiative to come to you so that you don’t know what to do.. This kind of person suggests that you stay away as soon as possible.. D, 2018 The person you like won’t give up on you. The thank you you like is a relatively cool person. If the assistant really cared about you, he would have indicated to you.. The object you like is Lumenis One, and the feelings of teaching assistants will not drag along.. You like teaching assistants so much that they have not responded to you up to now. Perhaps thanks for not finding your existence at all, not to mention whether they will be attentive to you or not.. Although the reality is cruel, we still have to learn to face the reality.. Re-answer the original article of First Constellation. Please contact the website management if reprinted, otherwise it will be regarded as infringement..