Peach blossoms bloom every year, but the peach blossoms are good or bad.. What will your Desires Of The Heart be like in inside in the new year?? The year 2017 will end in half a year, and 2018 will soon come. If there is any Desires Of The Heart, it is time to start brewing. Good peach blossoms need to be cultivated, and more attention should be paid to ominous Promiscuous.. So, how many Promiscuous will you meet in 2018?? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s do a Desires Of The Heart test together.! 1、. If you were allowed to choose the emotional ranking that you care most about at this stage, you would be? Love, affection, friendship, affection, friendship, love, friendship, love, affection 2,. Would you like to help your opposite sex? Yes, I will be very grateful to the other party for being fine. It depends on who the other party is in Tit for tat.. Do you think your fortune will improve in the new environment of inside?? It will be, after all, the new environment and new atmosphere will not feel like it. People and things familiar with the past have not changed. It depends on the situation. After all, you have to work harder.. In terms of love, do you think you are an experienced lover?? I don’t think I’m just a little white one. I have a rich emotional history and I don’t know what degree is an experienced lover. I’m studying 5.. What would you think if someone you like took off the list?? If only that person were himself, I wish them happiness, which is enough, then change to someone who likes it, tired 6,. Who will you share your emotional problems with?? With the closest friends, this will let oneself very relaxed communication with parents, after all, pro-talent is the best harbor to communicate with strangers, so as to be impartial 7,. When your predecessor pestered you, your response was? Will feel very tired, find the current to solve will find a way to hide from each other, don’t meet with each other thoroughly pointed out with each other, don’t interfere with their own life 8,. If you have any disease, will you tell the people around you?? This is not the case. I wish I could take medicine myself. I hope they can understand more about their talks and not be too deliberate.. Do you think the more luck peach blossom has, the better? Yes, only in this way can I be moved to be very happy. I don’t think so. more troubles can be more, but not too much. 10. do you think the more love experience, the better? Experience is fine, but one cannot be promiscuous. Yes, this way one can hit the target without feeling it. It will look very attractive. In 2018, you will meet basically zero Promiscuous. Your Promiscuous index is mainly controlled by yourself, and the quality of peach blossom is also controlled by yourself.. You don’t like to mess up your Secrets, so you will attach great importance to your emotional life and don’t like too many distractions bothering you.. You are a career-oriented person, career-oriented, supplemented by life. Most of your career will be especially good.. B. In 2018, you will meet a Promiscuous or so. Your emotional concept is stable, and you don’t like to make too many heterosexual friends and develop ambiguous relationships.. Your Desires Of The Heart is controlled by your character, and your attitude determines that your Desires Of The Heart is generally not too bad.. In the new year in inside, your emotional trend may be affected a little bit. Emotional problems that you cannot solve will not have much influence. It is good to follow your own heart.. C. You will meet three or four Promiscuous in 2018. Your emotions tend to be more tolerant. You don’t like to say anything, and you don’t tell anyone in your heart.. The same is true for emotional problems. You can easily hide your feelings. Secret love happens to you more often.. Sometimes, as long as it’s clear, you won’t miss it. You should learn to show your heart more bravely to the people you like.. D, 2018 You Will Meet Promiscuous May Be Too Many. Desires Of The Heart or something has never been lacking in you.. Your personality belongs to the type of heartthrob, and most people who are with you will feel more relaxed and happy.. Therefore, you only need to be a little careful, your Desires Of The Heart will bloom one after another, so you, although never lonely, need to pay more attention to your words and deeds will bring some unnecessary bad peach blossom. Re-answer the original article of First Constellation. Please contact the website management if reprinted, otherwise it will be regarded as infringement..