Do you have a stable relationship now? Or do you still want to find a partner to start a family and start a career now, but most of the time your family is much more anxious about marriage than you are, so will you be forced to marry by your family in 2018?? You will know the answer by testing. Let’s do a marriage test together! 1、. Have you brought your partner home for dinner?? Do you not remember 2,. You like the feeling of busyness.? Do you like it or not?. Do you think your psychological age is? Young adults, old people 4,. You often do meaningless things.? Often never see the situation 5,. If you are trapped in a cafe on rainy days, you will? In the coffee shop, inside continued to sit and rushed home to call friends to come and deliver umbrellas.. How long can you sit and do things? A few hours within one hour know work completed 7,. Many people around you are already married.? Right or wrong is good 8,. What is the relationship between your parents and you? Intimacy, distance, 9,. Your parents are very traditional and conservative.? Yes, no, it can be 10. How often do you talk to your parents? Only once a day during the Chinese New Year. A. You will definitely be forced to marry by your family. Now that you are in The Ideal Tree, there are already many close friends around you who have found their lifelong partners. Your parents are traditional people. They hope you can get married and have children as soon as possible and lead a stable and peaceful life.. Now you may always be caught up in busy work, but in fact your heart also wants to stabilize. If you already have an object, you can consider the future of both of you.. Think about your suitability. If you don’t already have it, you can start looking now.. B, you are very likely to be forced to marry by your family. you are very likely to be forced to marry by your family. you have always maintained a low-key attitude towards your relationship. you seldom mention your other half to your parents. or when your parents plan to talk about this matter with you, you always vaguely steer clear of the topic. your idea is that people who do not want to commit themselves to a lifetime will not introduce him to their parents. it is precisely because of this practice that your parents are worried about you that you will probably be forced to marry.. C, you are unlikely to be forced to marry by your family. you have always been very demanding of yourself, so you still have a clear understanding of your life path. you know when and what you should do, and you will not force yourself to marry before how old you are. your parents are also kind of liberal people.. No matter what decisions you make from childhood to adulthood, they will support you, and you will give you advice nearby, so the relationship between you and your parents is very harmonious, and you are unlikely to be forced to marry by your family.. D, you won’t be forced to marry by your family. you won’t be forced to marry because you told your parents long ago that only when you meet someone you really love will you give yourself up.. And parents also believe in your personal vision, so they will be ready as long as you are ready, and they will not be busy with your work.. Also, Pressed led you to get married, causing your pressure to explode instantly, so your parents still understand you very well.. Re-answer the original article of First Constellation. Please contact the website management if reprinted, otherwise it will be regarded as infringement..