Do you feel destined to get along with your partner now, or do you feel that there is always some distance between you, so that you have not imagined that you can continue to go on?? The year 2018 is approaching. What changes will take place in your relationship in inside in the new year?? Test and you will know the answer. Let’s be a Questions together! 1、. Do you know what he doesn’t like to eat? Do you know, don’t know, don’t remember 2,. You can quickly choose where to eat.? Right and wrong generally 3,. Have you ever thought about living together?? Have you ever thought about it? 4.. When you can’t find him by text message, you will? Continue to find other ways to do your own thing first, then find and ignore it directly 5,. How dependent are you on him? 100` %6, between you can do everything? Yes or no 7,. You are beginning to feel tired of this relationship.? Yes, it never depends.. Have you tried emotional infidelity? I don’t know much about 9.. Have you ever thought of taking him to your parents? Have you taken 10? Do you have any plans to travel recently? Do you have a plan or no plan to see the occasion? A. Your relationship will get better and better in 2018. The relationship between you two has been warming up. Even if you have known each other for a long time, as long as you stay together, there will be endless topics and each other will find each other very interesting. Therefore, every date, you will feel a new one because of the tacit understanding between you. Therefore, you are not afraid that you will get bored with each other as you spend more time together, and it is very likely that by 2018, you will start to choose cohabitation and want to adapt to the marriage life in advance.. B. Your relationship tends to be stable in 2018. Your love pattern is no longer the level of daily fights between The Little Couple. Most of the time, you will consider deeper issues together. It is likely to be communication for the future common family. You will discuss some practical matters, so there will inevitably be quarrels. However, on the whole, your relationship tends to be stable and has been promoted to the stage of old wives. Therefore, your relationship is stable in 2018. C. in 2018, your feelings cooled down a little. you started with a bang. basically, you fell in love with each other at first sight. without knowing each other very well, you soon got together with each other under the control of your feelings. however, after getting together, you will find that there are many incongruities between the two sides. however, if you really want to go down with him, you can have a good communication. if both sides still have good feelings for each other, then you will not be afraid of the cooling down of your feelings.. D. Your relationship may be in 2018. All the signs in A Hard Day show that it is not particularly suitable between you. He can’t do what you want him to do, and he is not willing to change for you. Both of you are not willing to make do with it. Therefore, apart from the initial spark, you have no more profound warming phase. You have been in a bland phase, but they are unwilling to separate because of loneliness. However, this kind of relationship can’t last long, and your relationship may come to an end by 2018.. Re-answer the original article of First Constellation. Please contact the website management if reprinted, otherwise it will be regarded as infringement..