Love will not always be smooth sailing, there will always be some bumps.. Even The Little Couple, who loves each other again, will face many problems.. For example, disputes over trivial matters of life, disputes over emotional issues, and pressure from the family.. Will bring a new test to love. So, what kind of pressure will your relationship encounter in 2018?? We will know the answer after a test. Let’s do a psychological stress test together.. 1、. Do you think your love is indestructible?? Yes, no, it could be 2,. Does your family object to your love?? Objection No Objection No Objection No Explicit 3,. Are you the right people? Is it almost 4,. Is there a big gap between you and the traditional marriage concepts of the older generation?? Very big, very big, very good 5,. Do you know his love history? Know not to know not very clear 6,. Do you think he will do anything for you? Will it not necessarily be 7,. He once bought the most expensive thing on you? Eleven thousand more 8,. Do you absolutely trust him? Yes, I don’t trust 9 very much.. Did he tell you about his first love? Do you know what he wants to buy at 1: 10, which requires your approval?? Do you need to look at the situation? A, you always quarrel over trivial matters. In 2018, your relationship will face many quarrels.. These quarrels are all caused by some extremely trivial things in life.. For example, what to eat for breakfast, where to wait and what to wear today are very common questions.. You will all have disputes and even quarrel. flour is red-eared and does not give way to each other, which brings great pressure to your relationship.. If it is not handled well, it will also bring about very serious consequences.. B. Pressure for Misunderstandings to Be Solved In 2018, your relationship will face some misunderstandings, which will lead to some trust crisis and bring pressure to your relationship. Perhaps this year in inside, you will meet some friends of the opposite sex who get along with each other and have a few more conversations.. Before I could explain it, I caused some very subtle misunderstandings.. It happened that sometimes, misunderstanding such things, the more explanation, the more unclear, it is easy to let the two of you love a stalemate. C family pressure in 2018, your relationship will face pressure from family.. Perhaps the family is demanding more from your future partner, or perhaps your parents are too disdainful of your current partner and think that the door is not the right one, which is really not a match.. We will try our best to separate you two.. Although you really love each other, the disagreement of your family will bring you great pressure.. D. pressure of third party involvement in 2018, your relationship will face the danger of third party involvement. this danger will threaten your love and bring new pressure to your relationship.. Both of you are very attractive people. It is possible that at first glance it may not look particularly bright, but after a long time it will have a special flavor.. Therefore, in this year’s inside, you will all attract peach blossoms to test your love.. Re-answer the original article of First Constellation. Please contact the website management if reprinted, otherwise it will be regarded as infringement..