When we get married, we naturally want to choose a good month and a good day. what we want to get married is good color. with good months and good days as foil, we will feel that love is more perfect and our marriage life is full of hope.. So is September 2018 your wedding Ji Yue? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s do a marriage test together.!   1、. Do you choose a date when you get married??   Do you think it is possible to get married in February or September?   Everything is possible-4 impossible-3 hard to say-6 3, is the day of marriage your own decision or partner?   Oneself-> 4 partners-> 7 difficult to say-> 5 4, will you do it yourself??   Yes-6 No-7 Hard to say-8 5. Do you want your parents to run the wedding by themselves?   Hope-7 don’t hope-8 depends-6 6, what are you most afraid of when you get married??   There is no money-9 things more-7 no time-10 7, marriage is what you are looking forward to?   Very much looking forward to-8 a little looking forward to-10 not looking forward to-9 8, do you think you can adapt to the life after marriage?   Soon got used to it →9 can’t get used to it →B is difficult to say →10 9. will you stay at home after getting married??   House-C does not love house-D is hard to say-10 10, do you like September?   Like it, C don’t like it, A depends on the situation, B Test Answer: A, September 2018 is your wedding auspicious month, September 2018 is your wedding Ji Yue, do you think it is appropriate to get married in September inside. In fact, you do not attach great importance to the date of marriage. You think that as long as the relationship between the two people is stable, you can get married whenever you want. Of course, you hope that the sooner the better. Do you think September is Ji Yue because September is the fastest at present.   B, September 2018 You will not consider getting married September 2018 You will not consider getting married. This month is not the best month for you to get married. You feel that your feelings have not reached the stage of wanting marriage. It is a bit abrupt for inside to mention getting married in September.. You are a person with your own opinions and considerations in life. It is useless for others to persuade you when you think it is not suitable..   C, September 2018 you have something more important than marriage, September 2018 you have something more important than marriage, this month you are very busy, you have no time to think about marriage, you think marriage is a great event in life, but life is not just for marriage, this month you may need to be busy for your work, you may also need to be busy for your studies, in short you will not be busy for marriage..   D, September 2018: Do you think marriage is inappropriate? September 2018: Do you think marriage is inappropriate? You don’t want to get married in September. Do you think marriage in winter will be more romantic. September is just around the corner, but you don’t think you’re ready to get married. You don’t think September is Ji Yue’s wedding. You think marriage is a lifetime thing and you need a day of choice.. Please contact the website administrator if you reprint the original articles of First Constellation. Otherwise, it will be regarded as infringement..