Facing the coming September, many people will hope that they can quickly get out of their single life, and when looking at others in pairs, their hearts will inevitably feel uncomfortable, especially when they are sad, they always want to have someone to accompany them.. Can you withdraw your order in September 2018? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s be a Questions together..   1、. Is it important for you to take off the order or not?   Important →2 unimportant →4 difficult to say →3 2, do you desperately want to take off the order at present?   Thinking desperately →4 not paying much attention →3 occasionally thinking →6 3, have you ever thought about the life of two people??   Have you ever thought about it? Have you ever thought about it? Have you been a little curious? Do you feel happy after taking off the list??   Affirming happiness →6 hope to be happy →7 hard to say →8 5, what are you most afraid of when you are single??   No one to take care of-7 no one to talk to-8 no one to rely on-6 6, are your expectations for love disappearing??   Has disappeared →9 is about to disappear →7 has not disappeared →10 7, is it difficult for you to take off the list??   It’s hard-8 is fine-10 is difficult to say-9 is 8, are you a blind date person??   Like-9 don’t like-d dislike-10 9, can you adapt quickly after taking off the list?   Can-> b can’t-> c is difficult to say-> 10 10, who is most worried about you?   Yourself → Parents of B → No one worries about C →A Test Answer: A, September 2018 You can take off the list; September 2018 You can take off the list; Sweet as honey’s love affair will make people around you envy him very much.. You are a person who will grasp love when you meet it. In September, you will boldly express yourself as long as you have someone you like. Fortunately, the person you like also happens to have some meaning for you. Your withdrawal from the list in September has become a natural thing. Love makes you very happy..   B, September 2018, you almost took off your order. September 2018, you almost took off your order. when facing love, you still lacked some courage and persistence. originally, the love that you thought would belong to you had already arrived. only when you got close did you realize that the other person was not the one you wanted.. There are many changes in your emotional life in September. There is a feeling of Worry about personal gains and losses that may even affect your emotions and affect your life..   C, September 2018 You are still some distance away from the list. September 2018 You are still some distance away from the list. It is not the month when you can fall in love if you want to fall in love. In fact, you should not expect too much from your love in inside this month.. The more hopes you have in September, the more disappointments you will have. It will be better to look at your emotional life normally. Even if you can’t get off the list, you should adjust your mind..   D, September 2018 You don’t want to take off the list. In September inside, you don’t have the idea to take off the list. Without such an idea, you naturally have no way to take off the list. You don’t envy the people around you, and you think your life is quite good now.. In your opinion, falling in love is a very troublesome thing. Falling in love will affect your mood and normal living habits. You don’t like this feeling very much.. Please contact the website administrator if you reprint the original articles of First Constellation. Otherwise, it will be regarded as infringement..